Makassar, the best seafood in town with affordable prices


Looking back into history, MAKASSAR had become Sulawesi’s major port and centre of the powerful Gowa and Tallo sultanates with a series of 11 fortresses and strongholds and a fortified sea wall which extended along the coast. Now, Makassar becomes a major fishing center in South Sulawesi.Some popular seafood restaurant in Makassar is listed below:

1.  Lae Lae restaurant

Location: Jl. Datu Museng No. 8 (near Favehotel Datu Museng)

Operation hour: 15.00 – 22.00 pm

Price: per JAN 2016, Grilled fish ± IDR 50.000,- / plate (medium size),  Egg fish cake ± IDR 55.000,- / piece, Fried squid ± IDR 40.000,-, Otak-otak IDR 5.000,- / piece

Portion: medium

Short review: Their special menus included ikan baronang bakar rica-rica (grilled rica-rica fish), fried squid or prawn and egg fish cake. Many local said that it’s cheaper to eat seafood here than dine in another seafood restaurant near Losari beach. The grilled baronang fish is fresh and delicious with their delicious spicy and sour sauce (rica-rica). The egg fish cake wrapped with banana leaf has some decent herbs and spices, will give you some unique South Sulawesi flavor. As for their fish cake, the taste is just decent and nothing special, the sauce is too liquid/light.

2.  Apong restaurant

Location: Jl. Datu Museng No. 8 (near Favehotel Datu Museng)

Operation hour: 11.00 – 22.30 pm

Price: per JAN 2016,  ± IDR 60.000,- 120.000 / person

Portion: medium

Short review: It’s very popular among local, always packed with customer every day and very crowded on busy hour, so the service sometimes will be bad. Most of their dish is delicious and mouth watering.  Try their steamed fish, watercress hotplate, crab, and shrimp with salty eggs coating. The cost is a little bit pricey compared other local restaurant, but it’s really worth every single penny. Many people like the food they served here, but not their ambiance.
This is the hotel where I stayed in Makassar.

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