Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia

December 02, 2016

Just like most big cities in Indonesia, you will find traffic when going around in this city. The iconic spot including the Suroboyo monument (symbolic monument from the name of the city, "sura"(some kind of fish) and "buaya" (crocodile), sampoerna museum and Suramadu bridge. Nearby, you could go to mount Bromo for some hiking activities. There is a few malls  for shopping lovers but you might find bigger and better mall in Jakarta. 

It isn't much you can do in Surabaya either than trying some popular restaurant nearby. If you like to try sweet dish, try "Rawon Setan", located at Embong Malang I No.78, Genteng, Surabaya. Rawon is rich tasting traditional Indonesian beef black soup, is grind mixture of spices, and then cooks with kluwek (Achariaceae). Rawon usually served with beef in a typical plate of white rice and warm. Moreover, ordinary people eat bean sprouts rawon with short spiked sauce, and salted eggs. You won't find this kind of meal in any other country.

Another popular food from Surabaya is "Pecel", I ordered a take out from some popular pecel restaurant called as "Bu Kus". It cost me about 30k IDR with large portion of mixed vegetable, tempe, chicken and rice.
For dessert, try the home-made ice cream from Zangrandi, located at Yos Sudarso No.15, Embong Kaliasin, Genteng, Surabaya. The menu is around 40k IDR+. It's very popular among local and one of the trendiest place to hangout until mid-night. 
I also recommend you to visit this cafe, Bon cafe, located in several places in Surabaya. It's quite popular and many local like to dine here because the price is affordable with good atmosphere. I order some beef tenderloin steak with durian juice. Nyummy! It cost me about 130k IDR. 

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