Top 4 dessert that you need to try when visiting Makassar


MAKASSAR is popular with its mouthwatering culinary, such as coto MAKASSAR, pallubasa and grilled ribs. Aside from that, if you’re looking for some unique sweet dish, you can try these list below:

  1. Es Pisang Ijo and Palu Butung Hokky (bravo)
location: (across losari beach)
price: per JAnuary 2016, es pisang ijo or pallu butung IDR 20.000/ portion
portion: big
Review: If you look on internet, the most popular place to eat es pisang ijo or palu butung is Bravo dessert shop. But to be honest, most shop that sell this dessert have similiar taste. For some who don’t know what is es pisang ijo or pallu butung, it’s made from banana, rice flour, coconut milk and pandan leaf, added with syrup coco pandan (DHT) and shaved  ice. The taste is sweet and refreshing, and can make your stomach full too. If you like any treat based on rice flour, you will like this.
2. Kedai Durian Palopo
location: Jl. Saddang no 22, makassar
operation hour: 11.000-closed
price: IDR 25.000,- /each for small type durian. IDR 45.000,- /kg for bigger type durian
review: The king of fruit, can be deadly (because of the smell and taste) for some and awfully good for the rest. For me, I really like this fruit. Some popular variant of durian is monthong, comes from Thailand, or durian musang king from Malaysia. In my country, there is durian medan, which taste deliciously sweet, a little bitter, and creamy. Yet, I prefer to eat durian palopo anytime than durian medan. I like to eat durian medan, but the meat is too little to satisfy me, the portion of the seed is too  big compare the meat. It’s exact opposite from durian palopo, whom local claimed as durian monthong from Indonesia. The taste is more sweet and the meat is thicker. If you are durian lover, you don’t want to miss it!
3. Pisang APE, and wedang Saraba (street food)
location : losari beach
Operation hour: 16.00-closed (midnight)
price: per Jan 2016. pisang ape IDR 10.000,- /portion (4 slice of banana), wedang saraba IDR 10.000,- /cup avocado juice IDR 10.000,- /glass
portion: medium
review: It’s popular streetfood from MAKASSAR, you can find it all along Losari beach. Many local like to hang out  till night and have it for some late nigh snack. There is a lot of variation of Pisang ape (grilled banana), differ depend on its topping. The original one is brown sugar, but you can find another popular toping such as chocolate, cheese, condensed milk, durian sauce and more. Wedang saraba is traditional drink from South sulawesi, it’s made from ginger mixed with coconut milk and egg. Local like to drink this to keep their body warm. For me, it’s similiar with bajigur drink from Java island/sundanese
4. Coffee shop Phoenam
location: jl. Boulevard block f no 33, makassar (near Panakkukang mall )
price: around IDR 20.000-35.000,- per Jan 2016
review: If you are a coffee lover like me and you like the variant of coffee like coffee “tubruk” (with grounds but they will filter it), you will want to visit this coffee shop. It’S quite a strong coffee. I like the toast with Kaya Jam (Jam made of coconut, sugar and milk) This place is crowded in Breakfast time. They got smoking and non smoking area. It’s a comfy place to hang out with your friends. Tried the famous toraja coffee!

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