Top 4 Restaurants with big portion to try when visiting in Makassar, Indonesian culinary.

November 30, 2016

When you’re travelling to MAKASSAR, drop by for awhile to dine in this wonderful restaurant which it serves a lot of south sulawesi dishes that is Popular even among local. Withour further ado, lets check out my list of popular restaurant in MAKASSAR
1.  Konro Karebosi
Location: jl. Gunung lompo battang, sulawesi selatan, 90115
Operation hour: 15.00 – 22.00 pm
Price: per JAN 2016, ± IDR 43.000,- / grilled konro ,  ± IDR 40.000,- / soup konro , SWEET ICE TEA IDR 5.000,-, subjected to 10% tax
Portion: big
Short review: This restaurant has many branch already. You can find it in Jakarta, Surabaya and other city in Indonesia. Yet, if you visit Makassar some day, you might want to tried the taste from the original branch. One of the best grilled ribs in town! they only serve two menu of dish, grilled ribs (konro bakar) and soup konro. My favorite is their Grilled ribs, highly recommended if you aren’t allergic to hot peanut sauce. It’s served along with aromatic soup rich with spices and herbs. The place is pleasant and pretty spacious, although it needs some hygiene control.The peanut sauce taste is a more spicy and taste awesome, the ribs are very tender and fresh.
2. Mie Titi
Location: jl. perintis kemerdekaan km 9, tamalanrea, kecamatan makassar, 90245
Operation hour: 09.00 – 23.00 pm
Price: per JAN 2016, ± IDR 34.000,- / seafood noodle , ± IDR 30.000,- / chicken noodle
Portion: big ( and it’s bigger if you take away, able to share with 2 people)
Short review: This restaurant has many branch already (about 3 branches just in Makassar). You can find it in Jakarta as well. Their popular menu is their noodle, it’s kinda similar with ifu mie (Chinese dish), but the crunchy noodle is smaller. The owner is a chinese descend so it was not a surprise. If you like crunchy noodle dropped with thick soup, abundant veggies and meat with a little taste of egg, this dish is for you. The service can be bad when the restaurant is busy, but they often serve the food pretty fast here.
3. Riburane, yellow rice
Location: Jl. Riburane, Makassar (in front of RRI station)
Operation hour: start from 07.00 AM – closed
Price: per JAN 2016, ± IDR 35.000-40.000,-
Portion: big
Short review: This restaurant has opened since 1980s, their recipe has been inherited from older generation. Susilo Bambang (SBY), a former president of Indonesia, like to eat this yellow rice. For me, it’s overpriced and you can find similar taste in another restaurant with cheaper price. The yellow rice is served with chicken meat / beef, lung, boiled egg and spicy crisp potato or many other side dish.
4. Sulawesi Fried chicken AGS
Location: Jl. Sultan Hasanuddin No. 17, Makassar
Operation hour: start from 11.00 AM – closed
Price: per JAN 2016, fried chicken ± IDR 20.000/ pieces, rice IDR 6.000/portion
Short review: Who doesn’t like to eat Fried chicken? It has been people’s favorite, and this restaurant offers you their own variation of Fried chicken, typical Sulawesi dish. It has scent of wooden roasted hot spicy sauce. Mixed it with few drops of fresh lime and sweet soya sauce, nyummy! The chicken is crispy and accompanied with delicious chicken stock soup.

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