Java Jazz 2015

November 13, 2015

I got 4 free tickets from my colleague to Java Jazz, a hit musical event. It seems that my colleague husband work at telkomsel, a telecommunication company which become one of the main sponsored for Java Jazz festival every year. I don't really know much about Jazz or music, but who doesn't like to listen a good music? Since I don't have any plan on that weekend, I decide to use the free ticket to go there and see the concert with my friends. (I give 2 free tickets to my friends) Since I have friends who work at some media company, ambassador of south korea, telecommunications company, promoter and broadcasting company, sometimes I get free ticket (events, award or concerts) yay!

Java Jazz 2015 was held in JI Expo Kemayora like in previous year, and it's a huge event. When I got there, there is a lot of "calo" who was selling ticket to the venue. Since I have 1 unused ticket, I sold it to him for 100.000 IDR. Later, I know that the calo sell the ticket to another buyer for 500.000 IDR, well, it's okay since I got it for free..

My thought that Java Jazz would be like any Idols concert is wrong. So there are 4-6 performances running at the same time but in different building. No wonder it's called festival, not a concert. There was about 4-6 avenues which performed at the same time, and people need to choose which one they want to watch the performance more. There is a break between the performance, and for us to move from one avenue to another avenue. There is a performance who offer you only an orchestra/musical, other offer you a live music with live vocal. Hey, no lipsync here!
You  don't need to be worried if you are hungry or thirsty, because there is a food corner, but you need to buy a prepaid card from BRI first if you want to buy a meal there. The minimum is 100.000 IDR.
Overall, it's become another amazing experience for me. All the performance is great and the spectator is more civilized than if you watch a Korean artist performed in a concert.

What I like more about the spectator is they are really enjoy the music and appreciate it, so when the singer/artist performed, they don't yell or scream, so we can all enjoy the music more clearly without any disturbance. And importantly, they don't push you! It's crowded, but they are all well behave.
If there is another opportunity next year, I would like to go to the next year Java Jazz festival too.  I also  would like to share you about my experience participated in Jakarta Fashion Festival 2016 in Senayan City last month. (maybe). I was helping a friend there, a new promising designer... but yeah, maybe next time.

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