Medan, the city of culinary


I could say that people who live here like to eat pork. There is a lot of restaurant who sell pork meat in this moslem country. They served not only pork meat, but also pork liver, pork blood and intestines. I would say that the cooking is suited my taste. I like every each dish I ate there, from the popular coconut beef soup (soto santan), aceh noodle (mi aceh), grilled pork meat (babi panggang), seafood, red pork meat (babi merah), durian, ice cream tiptop and many more.

If you went to medan, don't forget to bring back the famous bika ambon, bolu meranti and durian pancake as souvenir. The price of food is similar in Jakarta, more expensive than yogyakarta, and a little bit more expenxive than padang. My favorite store to eat durian medan is in "ucok durian", they serve you only High quality one. You can ask what kind of durian do you prefer; maybe it's a little bit bitter with alcohol, or sweet and juicy or a little more crispy, it's up to you! They will bring you the durian that you describe to them. If you don't feel satisfy with the durian that the staff give you, then you can exchange it for free. The price is a little bit more expensive there, but with that kind of service, I think it's worth it.
Another trip to wait next month!

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