November 21, 2011

Hello to all Classichacks authors and all of you to join this blog!

Welcome to the writing club. This post is dedicated as a chat board, you can share or talk about anything here. You can also introduce yourself and make some friends here. My username is Linez and the admin who manage this blog together with you. You can follow my twitter @dotstogo (inactive)

This blog is dedicated for anyone who like to write anything about your interest. It can be your practice ground or media to share about what you like. There are some rules though. Although you may write almost about everything, you must not post any porn, vulgar words, extreme hoax, or post full of hateful intention toward spesific subjects. We want to have some integrity right? If you like to create some fanfics, original story, your personal review, your travel log, or your conspiracy theory, it's 100% allowed.  You can tell your friends that this blog is yours, since we all co-host this blog. One more thing, some tips when you create your first post: always put some tags, interesting title and at least one image in the post. That's it. Breaking few rules continuously will make your permit terminated. 

For anyone who get the invitation or want to join this blog as an author, please put your blogger email and show me that you want to join this blog, so I can give you authority to post here. If you want to suggest your friend, you can!

For author, If you have twitter account or any social media account  and  don't mind if it's opened for public, you can comment here so I can show it in "about authors". Please use this template: (your username/nickname) - (your country/origin, if you don't like to be spesific then put the region instead for eg if you live in italy, then you can put "italy" or "europe")  - (your short description or message, eg. "Someone who like to make fanfic, and bts fans") - (your social media account, eg: instagram @pororo99)

Eg: linez-asia-someone  blablabla-instagram@pororo, twitter@pororo1, fb@pororo2

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