April 26, 2017

As time goes by and we are in the middle of year 2017.  Previously one journalist spilling some rumors  on his own live video stream. It might mean nothing if it comes under non credible source, but this journalist  has  been working for Sports Chosun for 8 years. We know that sport chosun has spilled some beans along the year, either a scandal or dating rumor.

On the live streaming, he has mentioned a lot of blind item such as mamamoo and bts member are dating. (It's ambiguous, but it means that there is mamamo member who is dating someone now... and there is also bts member who dates too, they are not dating each other)

Thus far this is several blind items that has come true:
- WG will not re-sign with JYPE.

- Hwayoung has a bad personality. T-ARA didn't bully Hwayoung. Even ex member t-ara, ahreum, defends t-ara and bring light into the pass rumor.

- Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are dating. Yg has confirmed this after dispatch once again released photos of secret dates from this couple as a proof.

- SM planned a family concert and YG urgently planned one on the same day but SM's was sold out and YG's was not so YG told the media to not hype it. 

Lee Byung Hun had sex with a lot of women and ji Chang Wook dated 80% of his costars... well it's a public secret.

- MissA member leaving, potential disbandment 

Since Lee Soo Man is called hwejangnim (chairman-nim), Yg doesn't let people call him by his nickname, Yangsa (yang president shortened form, in english its like Pres Yang), due to his inferiority complex.

Secret members' discord with Han Sunhwa is finally settled. Sunhwa left the group.

- Twice is shaking up the Korean music industry, no one expected them to so well in such a short time

Blind item that would probably be true:
- Comedians are prickly in real life

-Jokwon and Ga In never dated. Reporters are not sure whether Ga In and Joo Ji Hoon have broken up or not or if one of them cheated, anyways, it is ambiguous.

AOA members are in a discord

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