[Prediction] produce 101 top 11


Well the popular variety show from mnet is airing its 2nd season and with 101 candidates / trainees to choose let me give you my prediction of top 11 in not particular order.

Since we need visual for an idol group... And not only that...  A visual with talents that offer other else... Eg popularity, rap skill, vocal, personality... So I will pick 3 person.

1. Lee ji hoon, the popular wink boy. He already got fans and his popularity is no joke... Not only that he has personality which make him to express his mind adorably.
2. Lai guan lin, his rap is on point.. the color is good and has cool aura surrounding him.
3. Oong seong woo
Cutey with handsome look and manly personality... He is good at dancing too.

At least these 3 will certainly debut as top 11.

Next since we already get visual we need people who is good in term of vocal or rap to hold the group together.

This position is still flexible since it changed every episode.
4. Lee gunhee or jaehwan
5. Yeo seonho

Next we need some prodigy who is unique and be able to stand out, well we have...

6. Kim samuel... Just like jung somi wih his western look... And he is good at dancing too... but since the competition is stiff this season ... he can be replaced if he kept dropping.

Then we will get either one or two nuest member... And if I am able to choose... I prefer

7. Kim jonghyun and 8. hwang minhyun... The talented nuest member.

Next we got several people who appears a lot and has more screen time than the other... Thus people already familiar with their looks/faces, they are:

9. Kang daniel/kim taedong/ hoon jisong (has similar charisma, able to attract people, but no need for duplicate character )

10. Lee eung wong / ahn hyeung soo / lee woo Jin

11. Bae jinyoung / lee dae hwi (the flower boy, need at least one in the group)

Bonus left for one member if only 1 member of nuest get choosen:
Ju hak nyeon

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