TOP 15 CF (commercial) KING of KOREA, Brighter than stars


If you haven't read the previous post about who is the top cf queen in korea, read it here. Now it's for the male part, who is the cf king? If we look at cf queen, it's divided evenly between idols and actresses, it seems different case for male though. As you can see below, the list is dominated mainly by actors. Maybe because they have better public image, appeal to more wide demographic and looks more "expensive". Check it out:
1. Lee minho

2. Kim soohyun

3. Lee seung gi

4. MC Yoo jeosuk

5. Song jongki

6. Jo insung

7. Soccer player park jisung

8. Park bogum

9. Exo

10. Lee kwang soo

11. Bae yongjun

12. Rain


14. Gong yoo

15. Hyun bin

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