What happens to YUI yoshioka now?

February 25, 2017

Where is YUI yoshioka now?

Maybe a question that many regular fans of her ask to anyone but has no answer. Yui is popular among otaku - anime lover - jpop community, many of her popular song is a soundtrack for top anime such as rolling stone bleach and again full metal alchemist. I used to be a hardcore fan (and still a fan now).  For me, she is the purest kind of japan singer I know. Her passion of music and love / gratitude toward her fans is just adorable and real. She isn't your typical idols who acts cute to gain more fans. Her singing is sincere and she also write her own song. It's a pity that YUI has been a   victim of yet another Japan entertainment industry hierarchy  system.
All Yui fans know that she used to perform on a street with only several passerby, and still did the same even after being famous. Her down to earth personality is what hindrance her to fly even higher,  it seems glamour life isn't suitable for YUI who don't like using expensive brand. She doesn't try to be fake, she sing with her own style and that's the reason public love her.

Like kat-tun jun akanishi who rebelled toward his agency Johnny's jr, Sony (YUI agency) perhaps thinks that YUI is too hard to manage. She might refuse the concept that isn't her style (like bubbly cutesy girly style). YUI fans know that SONY like to interfering YUI in her musical production, limited her interaction with the fans.  YUI used to be very popular, ranking no1 and a profitable singer, thus become SONY's favorite. Unfortunately, They market YUI like some kind of product and not human, force her to act certain ways,  "milking" her as much as possible. Do you realize that beside all the tour/concert, cf amd tv appearance that she needs to attend, in average she release a new song within 2-3 months regularly. How stressful is that? Take in mind that YUI create her own song. there won't be any fun left, no matter how much your passion is in singing. It's just take several times until YUI stop to functioning like what SONY want.

 YUI try to get back her freedom as musician, she always longing to get back to her old self... before all the fame reach her. Because of the pressure that  her agency as well as the manager gave, YUI get a panic attack. She diagnosed with panic disorder and depression. She can't create new music anymore.... All her activities are shutting down, she is going on hiatus.

Later, She decided to step out as popular singer YUI, and create her own indie band flower flower, changed her name as yui (lower case). But SONY try to interfere with her band, sabotaged them so it won't become big. Sad enough, you won't get far if you doesn't have connection in japan entertainment industry. YUI just got back her freedom for short amount of time. Because of this, Her mental sickness is back again haunting her.

She escaped all that by going to France and live there for awhile. People who met YUI (locals people) said that she is a humble and heartwarming person, although she seems a little bit down.  She help the choir and create several song for children. Until her manager get back to her, ask her to return to Japan. YUI Landlord in the place where she lived in French said that the manager is too controlling and strict toward YUI. YUI has disappeared within the flower flower band that she created and along the year, she disappeared completely from Japan music industry. 

Currently, she is married now with someone outside the industry and already having her twin children.

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  1. そうっか、この理由だね、、

  2. I felt sad when I knew that YUI, a person I really love and admire, has passed bad times. I sincerely wish that YUI has all happiness and love every day along with her family. She deserves that and more. Such talented and beautiful woman doesn't deserve a single day of sadness.


  3. I wanted to know if she intends to at least start singing again, she's still young, she does not need to have a brilliant career and go back to the top 1 of the charts, but she has to sing again to cheer up a huge range of fans she left ,



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