Variety show that spark controversy

April 10, 2017

Many of variety show when overboard with concept and idea just to achieve higher rating. Sometimes it's just too much. For example variety show with a concept "prank celebrities", titled secretly greatly has gotten a lot of critics from netizen and viewers.

There is an episode featured Henry and Sung Hoon at a fake photoshoot. Where Henry acted out getting electrocuted and bleeding in the water, obviously it will shocked Sung Hoon, who swam immediately to Henry and dragged him out of the water even though he was fatigued from dieting for two weeks for the photoshoot. 

There is another time where a popular busy MC need to fly back to Seoul on 12 hours long flight, to shown his sincerity toward his closed friend, only to found out he has been prank. 

Because of this absurdity of the show, the show is currently suffering low ratings - a 6.5% compared to rival '1 Night 2 Days' 17.7% or 'Fantastic Duo 2's 8.5%.

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