snsd before debut


These photos below were them before their debut. As #1 girl group from south korea, how does SNSD members looks like when they're not debuted yet?

Let's start from the maknae, should we?
1. Seohyun

Now, let's find out the kid leader!
2. Taeyeon

How about her mate  then?

If we talk about Tiffany, we'll remember about this girl. Since they were born together in the same hospital.
4. Jessica

Ok, so let's check out for a member who get hailed for her beautiful appearance among SNSD members. It's no other than....

We have seen Yoona, what's about her twin?

 If we talk about SNSD image, we can't forget this member. She's the one who take in charge for SNSD's average of height.
7. Sooyoung

Don't forget about this dancing queen!
8. Hyoyeon

Last but not least, she's the one who will cheer and bright up your day.
9. Sunny

And these are various photos of SNSD before debut with SM trainee.

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