Who is Sia? Why is she hiding her face?


She was rocking the billboard chart since 2012 with her collaborated song with David Guetta, "Titanium", "She wolf" before finally get massive spotlight in 2014 for her no.1 chart song, Chandelier. Later her latest song, "Elastic Heart" has been receiving a warm respone from Music lovers too.

Sia Furler who has suffered from depression and alcohol issue in the pass, is still struggling with anxiety and panic disorder from her Grave disease. She is no longer touring and rarely perform, but if she did, she often show up while hiding her face with a mask or facing audience with her 'back'. You could see her perform Chandelier on Ellen, facing a wall.

Sia who is also a song writer, already have a long portfolio of her awesome work, some of them get a massive hit in US, UK Billboard and Itunes. She have written a song for most wanted singer, including top diva Beyonce, Celine Dion and top stars Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney, Ne-yo, Florida, etc.

Some song Sia wrote/ co-wrote:
Lea Michelle - Canon Ball, Britney - Perfume
Ne-Yo - I wll love you, Rihanna - Diamond,
Beyonce - pretty hurt, "Loved Me Back to Life"Celine Dion'
and many more!

This reluctant singer, seems have different view about fame. She doesn't really want it, or let I say, she is still confused whether she want fame or not. I mean, she is performer and singer in her early years of her career. No singer alive doesn't want to get a cheer from their fans and get acknowledge by what they do. But we need to agree that there is bad things comes from fame. You won't have any privacy and hopefully you don't have any crazy fans around you.

By working closely with Top hollywood star, Sia decide that she doesn't pursue that kind of life style. She is no longer showing her face. This make a reverse physiology, and an effective marketing strategy. The fact that she is hiding herself has become a hot topic.She got public attention for her talent, but increasing curiousity for her "new turned fans".

It is not like she is faking it to get famous. She could be famous faster. In 2012, while she is unintentionally releasing a collaboration song with David Guetta, "Titanium", which its became a massive hits, she was already not showing her face.Titanium who bring Sia back as a singer after her long retired time, is actually a song for Katy Perry. But she turned it down because Titanium has similar theme like Katy's past hit song, "Firework". David choose another iconic singer for Titanium, Mary J. Blige. But unfortunately it got leaked before it was officially released. The furious David, decide to put SIA, demo's vocal, back to his track, and released it on iTunes.

Back then, the spotlight come to David and public doesn't really took much interest for Sia as the singer. Not many article was talking about the wonderful voice. People doesn't have an urge to search "SIA" on google. It is because SIA:
1. never do a promotion for that song
2. never showed up with David in TV show to perform Titanium together
3. doesn't show her face in the Music video
4. she let someone else took the opportunity to be famous

She show her unwillingness to become famous. She did another collaboration with David, named "She wolf - falling to pieces" and another one with Florida, named "Wild ones"... All the song got a Massive hit and reach high in billboard top 100. Yet, she doesn't show her face in all the Music video. Her being was replaced to someone, or something else. Search "feat Sia" music video on Youtube  and  you wouldn't see SIA's face in any of the MV.

Sia’s decide to hide her face from the public, however, might be considered too little, too late, as she is already a recognizable face, having done press before and live performance, even a tour in her early years of her career as singer. You can google her name, and her face will showed up. Despite the fact that Sia has already led a long career with her face in front of the camera, she insists on never allowing the press to see her face again.Would she change her mind?

Since human mind is fickle, I think there is a possibility..

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