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For you who have plan to visit Japan someday in the near future or you who have already book your flight ticket. Most of all, if you want to go to Tokyo without tour. Hopefully this post would help you  make your own itinerary and give some information about Tokyo. And if you plan to save your money when eating in Tokyo, you can click here

8 days 7 nights estimate budget (Tokyo-Fuji-Tokyo): 
 Hotels for 6 nights stay @ ¥3000 =¥ 18000 x 110 =  1.980.000 IDR
Transportation to and from Airport  2 x 590= ¥1180 x 110 =  118.000 IDR
One night in Ryokan  @ ¥6000 yen x 110 = 660.000 IDR
Transportation Tokyo-Fuji -Tokyo =±¥5450 = ±600.000 IDR
Meal Allowance 3x /days=  @ ¥600 x7 = ¥12600 x110= 1.386.000 IDR
Ticket to Disney sea = one day ticket ¥6200 = 700.000 IDR
Side attraction fee =±¥4500 =  ±500.000 IDR
Transportation @¥1000 /days x 7 =@¥7000 x 110=770.0000 IDR
Visa + Airplane ticket =  4.500.000 IDR
Total cost  ¥60930 (without flight ticket) or 11.214.000 IDR (include flight ticket) based on rate in 2013

Some Hotels reviews I have searched across internet comparison.
Good: It’s cheap, price is ¥2200-2500. Near Nakano Station, Location is close to Shibuya
Bad    : The room is narrow and cramped. But it’s familiar view that you will experience in most budget
Hotel/Hostel in Tokyo. The service is minimal and doesn’t provide internet access
Good: Clean. Although the space is not spacious, it’s bigger than previous. Ten minutes from Station. Provide internet access.
Bad    :  price is ¥2700-2900, the location is pretty far from center city or main attraction
Good:  The space is enough, it’s pretty clean. Near seven eleven, and location is closer than Juyoh.
Bad    :  price is ¥ 2800-3400, no internet access,  it’s quite far from any station.
Good:  selective price from ¥2900-4400, Free wiFi, the space is enough, location in Asukusa, near sensoji temple and kaminarimon. Friendly staff with many cheap restaurant nearby and grocery store.
Bad    :  Quite far from station
Good:  Clean , near main attraction (Sensoji Temple), locker is available (you need to bring your own padlock) Bad    :Far from station, it’s more far than K’s hotel. Price is ¥3000
Good: Price is cheap, only ¥2100-2200, 10 minutes from station. Get free tea and coffee
Bad    : It’s more far than Sakura. Less clean and quite dirty. Many old drunkard around at night.
Good:  Location is near Shibuya. Have a Good reputation in Tripadvisor. The staff is friendly and clean.
Bad    :  Expensive, ¥4400-5000
Near Haneda airport, capsule hotel with price about ¥ 3000yen, near station and clean.
Good :  #1rank in trip advisor. Ten minutes from station. Walkable to Kaminarimon temple. Staff with English speaker, Fast free wifi. Location around Asakusa.
Bad    : Price is ¥3000-3400yen
Good : price is ¥2500. Japanese style hotel with tatami floor, near station
Bad     : Although the staff is friendly, there is no staff who can speak English
Good:  it’s cheap,  ¥1800-2500yen. Staff is friendly. Near Asakusa. no computer, dkt stasiun dan near asakusa Bad    :  No computer, it took more money to go to Shinjuku,etc.  
Good : Price is cheap, it’s only ¥1500-2300. Only 700m or 10 minutes from station. Near asakusa
Bad   : The room is narrow and cramped. Far from Shinjuku, etc. There is cockroach. No internet.
Good : 10 minutes from station. Only took 1 station from Akihabara, Edo museum and took 3 station to Imperial Palace. There are cheap restaurants and seven eleven nearby. Free Breakfast.
Bad    : The room is narrow and cramped. Price start from ¥2800
¥3000,location near J hostel. Near Ikebukuro, Harajuku and Akihabara.
Good : near, 10-15 minutes from station. Free coffee and locker. Price is  ¥2200-3000. Walkable to akihabara. Staff with English speaker.
Bad    : Not clean & smelly, The room is narrow and cramped
Good: Free coffee and tea.  Price is  ¥2500-3000yen.  Great rank in tripadvisor. Available free wifi.
Bad: The room is narrow and cramped .Not near JR line but near another station.

You could try anne hostel too.

·      Transport fare for Bus in kyoto is flat ¥220/ride
·      Head plugs/socket for electricity in Japan is different, so prepare yours.
·      Some spot in Japan where you can buy cheap meal: Seven Eleven, Lawson 100, yoshinoya, sukiya, matsuya
·      You can use Willer Express Bus for transportation across city, ex: from Tokyo to Osaka
·      Locker available in station that you can use to deposit your luggage. Fee for Small one is ¥100, medium for ¥400, large for ¥600
·      Most attraction in Kyoto is closed after 16.30 PM. You won’t get to see anything at night in Kyoto. So travel to this area in the morning.
·      If you want to save money and make your friend jealous with you, you don’t need to go up to Tokyo tower or Tokyo skytree. It’s wiser if you just take some photos in front of the iconic building, because the price ticket is high.
·      The suggested itinerary for 9 days travel around Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka:  Tokyo 4 days, Kyoto 1 day, Osaka 3 days (Counting time elapsed while you transport from one city to another)


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