Disney Sea Must Ride Attraction


Tokyo Disney Sea - Land is one of the most popular theme park frenchise in the world.
Especilly Disney sea, It become the 4th most visited theme park in the world and the only disney theme park which it is not owned by Walt Disney company.

This huge theme park divided into 7 areas with difference theme; Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, and Mysterious Island

You can buy your entrance ticket according to your preference.There are single-day or multi-day passport. As per 2014, the fees for single day is about , ¥5,700 (senior 64+),  ¥6,400 (adult, 18 over),  ¥5,500 (12-17), ¥4,200 (4-11).

I have successfully get in almost all of the popuar ride in Disney sea within a day(without the gandola things). I have tried raging spirit, 20000 leagues, storm rider, indiana jones, toy story mania, journey to centre of earth, tower of terror, aquatopia and the mickey mouse musical. I am lucky enough that the queue is not that long that day. One single ride only took me 30-60 minutes queue time. And of course the FAST PASS is really helpful. And if you want to wait a little shorter and willing to ride alone, try the "Single ride" line (a line for solo traveler). It will save you some time.

You must watch the special fireworks performance around the lake at night, it's wonderful!

Tokyo Disney Sea/Land is almost crowded with visitors every day, and it is impossible to ride all the attraction in this spacious wonder land in single day. If you have limited budget as well as limited time, I'm sure that you don't wanna miss some Amazing attraction that this park can offer to you. Some of them are:

1. Journey to the centre of the earth (Definitely my top choice)

Thrill: #### (especially at the end)
Amusement: ###
Waiting Time: ####
Similiar attractions and a must ride attraction too!: Indiana Jones

This attraction is suitable for kids, it's an exploration theme with some extra thrill in between. Although it is a bit dark and it migh give you surprised at the end of the ride.
More or least, you are being invited to explore a new imaginary world with modern graphic and convincing technology.

2. Tower of Terror
Thrill: #####
Amusement: ##
Waiting Time: ####
This is not for you who have weak heart. You will be put inside an elevator, and it will pull up and down from 183 ft (55.8 m) tall, which it will surely thrill you. Located in American Water front area.
The down fall for this ride? It is too fast.... when it's getting fun, it's ending....

3.Raging Spirit
Thrill: ####
Amusement: ###
Waiting Time: ####
Similiar attraction with less thrill:  Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster
One of roller coaster you could find in Disney Sea, located in the Lost River Delta area. It has jungle theme and it is suitable for people older than 12.

4.Toy Story Mania
 Thrill: #
Amusement: ####
Waiting Time: ###
 It is a family's ride, suitable for all ages. It offers you cool graphic. A great time playing the carnival shooting games set up under Andy's bed.

5. Storm Rider
 Thrill: ##
Amusement: ###
Waiting Time: ##
Where you can experience being in a jet while flying through places in storm. It's some simulation ride, suitable for all ages. Located in port discovery.

Special mention: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
 a ride for all ages, even babies! It isn't give you much thrill but it's really worth to try.

Other notable attraction for kids: Aquatopia, Turtle talk (similiar: The magic lamp theather, a mermaid lagoon theater), Sinbad voyage

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