Most talented kpop idol who might succeed in Hollywood


Below is several idols member from popular group or solo singer who might succeed in Hollywood because of their talents. The criteria is they must possess a skill to genuinely play any musical instrument, have visually appealing voice, amazing vocal and good english pronunciation. With all the criteria above, we're left with a few names even with all the endless list of idols that debuted every year. These names below showcase their skills which might mesmerise you to become a fan.

Kpop idols who have great vocal, english pronunciation and able to play instrument.
1. Mamamoo solar
Watch Solar's redemption cover from love is you below:

2. Ex wonder girl member or HA:TFELT yenny
What can I say more? Just listen to Yenny's cover below:

3. CLC Sorn
Her group CLC consist of pretty good singers, just like mamamoo, too bad that they haven't get their fame yet.

3. Red velvet wendy
We all know that Wendy used to live in U.S so it's no wonder her English prononcation sounds smooth. But she is able to deliver the song with great vocal and played the melody herself.

4. Super junior kyuhyun
He is one top vocalist of super popular group, Super junior.

5. Bigbang taeyang
Beside swag and her honey voices, Taeyang sure can play the instrument himself

6. Vromance chandong
Try to stand him now before they get more popular!

7. Day 6 Jae
Covering Sunday morning

8. Super junior henry lau
Another member from super junior who has great talents in playing musical instrument as well as able to sing and dance.

9. Winner Kang Seungyeon
Top vocalist and the center of YG hottest boy group, WInner

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