Top 15 CF (commercial) QUEEN of korea, brighter than stars

February 11, 2017

If we want to talk about who is the cf queen, well it depends on the year. Being a cf queen (who have a lot of endorsements deal) will give you fortune. The requirements are to have general beauty standard and great public image (=popularity). Below are several girl groups member or actress who entitled as cf queen in their prime time.

1. Snsd/girls generation yoona

2. Miss a suzy

3. Girls day hyeri

4. Twice tzuyu

5. Kim tae hee

6. Shin min ah

7. Aoa seolhyun

8. Exid

9. Snsd/girls generation 

10. Twice

11. Figure skater kim yuna

12. Park shin hye

13. Actress jeon jihun

14. Song hye kyo

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