Usually, when their longtime contract end with agency, if the idols feel that they've been mistreated, getting unequal sharing profit, zero interest from the agency, etc, they would not going to continue to work within the same agency anymore. 2016 has hit a lot of group so hard that many kpop group has disbanded last year. Below is several group on the break of disbanded (or may have officially disbanded in 2017)

1. Wonder girls
A girl group used to be nation girl group, defeated snsd / girls generation and kara in term popularity back then in nobody era, sadly will disband this year. Since their failure approach in hollywood entertainment industry, this group has experienced a lot of member changes, and their ex-leader is now a married mother with 2 children. 

2. Spica
Despite having amazing singing skill, it seems it wouldn't be enough for them to maintian their position as girl group in south korea entertainment industry. They don't have a good agency to back up and promote them well.

3. U-kiss
This old second generation  boy group sadly never get their desirable first music program win. With several member changes and ex-member having married life already and several solo job, it seems they're already seperated, but not officially disbanded. 

4. Z:ea
Their last comeback has long overdue, and many of the members have been focusing in their solo work for other role, eg. mc-ing / hosting, being comedian, and acting. Some of the members has gone from the spotlight for too long and has complained about the lack interest and support that their agency provide.

5. Beast
Their dispute between all the remaining members of beast and their agency cube entertainment hasn't been solved yet. Although cube has slyly put the brand name as theirs intellectual right, the former beast members seem don't want to continue their career there, they prefer to create their own label and regroup with or without the name of beast.

6. Miss A
Well, it won't be a surprise if missA will officially disbanded this year. Jyp already take out missA poster in their mian building. It seems only suzy who will likely continue her career in JYP, while other member pursuing their luck in another company. 

7. AOA
Just like jyp, fnc entertainment makes the same mistake, focusing too much only to one member, seolhyun. There is rumor that they have some bad blood within the members.

It seems loen entertainment has forgotten this girl group. They haven't been promoted for so long, leaving the members as a jobless person. Cao lu in several occasion has shared her low income and worries too.

9. Crayon pop
One of the members is already married, and there is no comeback news heard for so long. Crayon pop has been out of spotlight since a long time, after the hype of their jumping song disappear.

10. Nine muses
Their singing skill, beautiful sexy members and sensual choreography can't help them to steal some popularity in south korea entertainment industry. It might be the time for their disbandment this year with several member change.

Notable mention of kpop group that hasn't done well enough : Boyfriend, teen top, piggy doll, d-ark, up10tion, vixx and many more 

So let's wait and see which group will be officially disbanded for real.

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