Casting beautiful face and popular idols don't always turn well. It can't guarantee good feedback even average rating. One main reason is because the cast is lack of emotion, too stiff or plain or heir acting skill is just suck. The other reason why the drama failed is because of the storyline, it's boring and focusing too much unimportant matters. Check out my list of failed k-drama:

1. To the beautiful you
Cast: shinee minho, fx sulli, lee hyunwoo, kim woobin, kim woo bin, kang ha neul, kim jiwom
Reason of failure: even with the star studded actors and actresses, this drama get a very low rating. The story seem taken nowhere without serious intrigue to gain people interest.

2. Hwarang
Cast: park seo jun, hyung sik zea, shinee minho, go ara, bts kim tae hyung
Reason of failure: The storyline is just to plain and the heroine acting or personality isn't really adored.
3. Fashion king
Cast: snsd yuri, shin sekyung, yoon ah in, lee jehoon
Reason of failure: crazy storyline that is just too unusual.
4. Prime minister and I
Cast: snsd yoona, lee beom soo, yoon shiyoon, ryu jin
Reason of failure: too much age gap between the main couple, viewers can't feel their romantic feeling, the chemistry just doesn't there.

5. Love rain
Cast: snsd/girls generation yoona, jang geunsuk,
Reason of failure: the storyline is just too slow, kinda out fashion and everything is just plain and boring.

Notable mention: Paradise ranch ( lee yeon hee, joo cheong wook, tvxq changmin)

If you look up above list then you might notice that most of it is sm drama. Well, manye viewers have criticized how sm lackness in the storyline/plot, casting beauty face who can't act and use too many idols.

Despite that they've showed huge improvement in term of quality, by producing good drama in 2016: including 38 task force, jealous incarnation, missing nine and more.

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