February 01, 2017

Being as an idols requires a lot of skills, you need to be able to sing while dancing (usually the choreography is nuts and will exhaust you), having good wit to punch some joke, prepare some hidden talents, looks beautiful every time, can act and many more. So among a lot of idols groups, there is a certain members who has A HUGE AMOUNT OF SKILLS, gifted as multi-talented idol, thus they usually get popularity the most among other members. So who are they?
1. fx Krystal
Her voice/singing skill is good, her visual is no joke (without plastic surgery), her dancing skill is top notch and smooth, she can pose (being a model) and she is just start her acting career. She also has talent in sport, winning a figure skating program (Kiss n Cry) and break a dream team record for female high jump. 

2. Block B Zico / Bigbang G-Dragon
His visual is top notch, his talent as song writer is good, his rapping is awesome. He can be a soloist without any hurdle. He can 'sell himself well' and make an expensive brand image of their names.

3. SNSD Taeyeon
Her singing skill is good, she has wit to be loved by public. Her dance is great too if she put some effort into it. Her visual after the boys era is top  notch too, and got her titled as goddesses.

4. MAMAMOO Solar
Her voice is gold, she can pull high pitch melody effortlessly. She was claimed as visual in mamamoo by public. Her personality and wit is quite good to, thus she can grab several solo works outside the group (WGM, solo guest, etc) More, she can write her own lyrics.

5. EXID Hani
Her visual is no joke, and claimed as a goddess, her sexy dancing create a buzz before. No doubt about her dancing skill. Her with and personality make her enjoyable to watch. Her lower jazzy voice  is also a plus.

6. ZEA Hyungsik / Siwan 
Both comes from same group, Z:EA, who have good visuals to support their acting career. Both can sing quite good and is able to grab some main/leading role as an actor.

7. BtoB Sungjae / Infinite L
Their visual is no joke, both are really handsome with great posture. Her singing is not lacking as well. L have an excellent dancing skill, while Sungjae has top vocal among third generation. They can act too.

8. Apink Eunji
She can act quite good, have amazing voice and singing skill. Her personality is fun to watch and her face is beautiful.

So, are you agree with list above?

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