How to order your sushi in japan


This is a basic knowledge, when you want to order your sushi in Japan:
If you are in a kaiten-sushi or 100yen shop sushi, you can order it from the monitor that is available beside your table. But if you need to make order in person, following is the translation is from Japan to English for most common sushi menu available in Japan:

tai - red snapper
chu toro - fatty tuna
miru gai - horse clam
negi toro - minced tuna with green onion
botan ebi - spot prawn
aka gai - ark shell
aburi toro - broiled fatty tuna
uni - sea urchin
awabi - abalone
kobashira - bay scallop
komochi kobu - herring roe on kelp
ikura - salmon roe
zuwai gani - snow crab
ike hirame - flounder
engawa - flounder fin
shako - squilla
kazunoko - herring roe
anago - sea eel
aji - horse mackerel
kanpachi - amberjack
kohada - gizzard shad
saba - mackarel
maguro akami - red tuna
hotate - scallop
ama ebi - sweet shrimp
kani miso - crab paste
ika - squid
iwashi - sardine
iwa nori - rock sea weed
samon - salmon 
ika geso - squid legs
tamago - egg
bintoro - albacore tuna
tako - octopus

Hope it helps you to ordering in Japan! And you can learn this simple basic japanese language that you will definitely use when traveling in Japan, click here.


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