Korean celebrities that has been blacklisted in entertainment industry [PART 2]


This is part 2 of Korean celebrities that has been blacklisted in entertainment industry. If you haven't read part 1, you can read it here

Who are they and why they're being blacklisted? Well most of them get blacklisted because of bad behavior for e.g: using drugs or do illegal gambling, while other might get blacklisted because they're on going legal battle with previous agency. They're considered as "traitor" by their previous agency, and just like any other industry, networking takes crucial part in anyone success. Sometimes they even get black campaign to draw them down, with fake scandal or rumor. Just like in any other countries in the world, entertainment industry sometimes full of "dirty job" behind the glamorous lifestyle. The list is as follow:

5. EXO Kris, Tao and Luhan
Another dilemma from SM entertainment when 3 members of popular rocketing boy group, EXO, asking for contract termination, following their previous sunbae (senior), JYJ and han geng. Ther legal battle is still on-going and the three of them start their career new in their home country, China, raking a huge success as well as money. Although the 3 decided to start as individual with difference agency, all of them gain success with their new endeavor as actors and singers.

6. Actor Park Shi hoo
It's a bad luck for Park shi hoo, fell down from his grace because some kind of setup from a gold digger. He is accused as rapist by some trainee / model girl and getting blackmailed. After further investigation, he is proven unguilty - means that even if they've sex when they're both drunk, it's mutual. He used to star as main lead from popular drama, but after the scandal he hasn't appeared on TV anymore.

7. Comedia Shin Jung-hwan
Police in South Korea have arrested popular comedian and entertainer Shin Jung Hwan. Shin is accused of taking more than US$100,000 in loans from a casino in the Philippines to play high-stakes baccarat in September. Shin had been in hiding since the authorities issued the charges, but turned himself in at Gimpo Airport earlier this week. outh Korea has strict anti-gambling laws, which include a prohibition against its citizens from gambling in overseas casinos. The country has also banned all forms of online gambling, although online games such as “Starcraft” have taken its youth by storm. Earlier this month, the hosting provider of an illegal online gambling site was arrested for orchestrating cyberattacks against competing sites. Since this gambling scandal, Shin jung-hwan career as popular comedian in South korea is ruined, left him with not only jobless but also a lot of debt.

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