[Update] produce 101 top 11 prediction with photos

May 26, 2017

after the last elimination, my ranking changes again... and here is my predictions: read my first prediction here

Who certainly debut
1. Kim Jong hyun, position leader, vocal
2. Park jihoon, position center #1, dance

3. Lai guan Lin, position rap/2nd center
4. Oong seong woo, position: face, dance

5. Lee dae whi, position vocal, face
Vocalist that will debut
6. Kim Jaehwan

7. Yeo seonho
Other familiar candidates:
8. Kang Daniel, position rap
9. Bae jinyoung

 For #10 and #11 positions, it will thought since there is a lot talented one that hasn't been choose... I will leave this spot for some surprises.. it.might be another nuest member hwang minyoung  and 1 candidate for my last prediction, probably ji sung
Or park woojin

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