You can pay only several bucks or even a hundred dollar for one type of dish/meal, it's all depends on the quality and the place where you bought your food. For example a sushi dish, can cost you from $.3 to $200 per plates. If you have money to spend, people can provide you irrational kind of dish that can cost you lot of money. Check it out this cheap vs expensive food list:
Expensive - Masa, Newyork
Urasawa is "one of the country's most expensive restaurants," Eater critic Bill Addison wrote in his review of the spendy Beverly Hills sushi bar. He is correct — dinner is currently $395. But Urasawa still falls behind Masa in New York City as America's most expensive raw fish joint.

As this nifty graph shows, Masa, where dinner runs $450, is at least $55 more than Urasawa. Add on Kobe beef at Masa and your meal will be $150 pricier. Buy another another Kobe supplement for your date (really, if you can afford one, you can afford another), and you're at $1,547 after tax and tip. Yowzers! Wine, of course, is extra. By contrast, there are currently no supplements on the menu at Urasawa, where dinner for two will end up costing $1,019 before wine.

If you have less money to spend, you can go to:
Cheap - Sushi Zen 
Opt for a seat at the ten-stool sushi counter to witness the respect with which the masters at this peaceful den approach their work: Every step, from the preparation of the dishes to the storing of their ingredients, is done with a precision and deliberateness akin to artistry. Massive Japanese-style (seaweed exterior) and American-style (rice on the outside) rolls go for $8--$15.50, and you can get delicate pieces of sushi and sashimi for $4 to $12 (otoro). 108 W 44th St between Sixth Ave and Broadway .

Other option:

Kanoyama, located in the East Village of New York City, is a Japanese restaurant that offer a sushi bar with sushi and soups with the freshest fish available. Fish is imported from Japan, Maine and California to make sure the taste is as enticing as possible. Entrees outside of the sushi bar, include chicken teriyaki, salmon teriyaki, salmon avocado and the Tempura Special, which is four shrimps with vegetables. Kanoyama offers an extensive list of rolls and sashimi along with drinks, such as several types of sake, beer, champagne, wine and soft drinks. Kanoyama offers take-out and delivery with ordering online being an option. Reservations at the dine-in restaurant are offered for parties up to eight. Catering is also available for large events and parties. Simple rolls are priced between $4 (cucumber) to $8 (eel with avocado), while more complex options, including a plump fried oyster, typically fall between $11 and $16. 175 Second Ave at 11th St .

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