Produce 101 season 3, Produce 48 introduction


Mnet or let say, cj entertainment has successfully debuted 2 idols group from both genders in Korea. The first generation, who is consisted with female idols is called ioi. With short amount of time, the group that consists member lim na young, kim chung ha, kim se jeong, jung cha yeon, zhou jiegiong, yoo yeon jung, choi yoo jung, kang mina, kim doyeon has ranked #1 and win trophies in music program. The follow up generation of male idols that called as wanna one received overwhelming success as well. Learning by experience with managing ioi, mnet expand the length of contract to 2 years. Within the 1 year, all wanna one member has already received income/payment of $1 million each. Of course it needs to be divided again within the members and agency, so free agent like Kim jae hwan is in advantages. Wanna one consist of 11 charming man; kang daniel, park jihoon, hwang minhyun, bae jinyoung, lai kuan lin, han sung woon, kim jae hwan, ong seung woo, lee dae whi, park woojin, and yoo jisung.

Moving further to this year, mnet plan to make the stage even bigger for the new trainees by inviting the already popular japanese group, akb48, into the concept. It might be a bad moves, or brilliant moves for both korean and japanese side. *(mnet and akip) it is risky but so worth it! We still need to see if general public, especially south korean people can accept this new concept and support for both countries. 

The first episodes will be aired 7 days from today, and it will be aired both in japan and korea at the same time. The total final number of debuted member is still unconfirmed, but 12 is higher possibility. There is several videos available both on naver and youtube to showcast skills and character of the contestant. For Japanese side (let called them 48girls), 2 person received netizen interest, none other than jurina and sakura, which undebately is top popular member of akb48 current generation. (Kami7) Other than these two, some special mention like nako, miru, chiyori, vivian and juri is also received a lot of love from netizen.

On the korean side, we have the innocently awkward choi yena, undeniably beauty wang yireon, kim minjeo, jang wooyeon, also several familiar face like gaeun and gyuri from fromis and afterschool. Not to forget some rbw trainee, na goeun... who has amazing beauty and officially beautiful voice. With the language barrier between two trainees, could produce 48 give an interesting show & drama without showing awkwardness? We will see next week.

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