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Kpop, musical genre from south korea has taken asia like storm and the idols group get a lot of love from many fans around the world. Usually, one idol group consist at least 4 members or more, typically the more is merier. There are several groups who gets more than 9 members, even reach to 14 members. Among this members, there are several role divided such as leader (usually the oldest) the maknae (youngest), the face, vocal line, rapper line and visual (usually as center).
I will pick several members from several kpop groups that I think hold crucial role for the group to be able to continue. It can be mean that if the group lose this certain member, it will effect a lot to group dynamic  as well as the possibility to be disbanded... 

From snsd or girls generation, I would choose Taeyeon who is the main vocal as well as the leader. She is the one who has solid fandom and possibly the most popular member from girls generation.

From exo, I will choose several members since I believe losing one member won't make exo disband, well they have lost 3 of their members. It's exo baekhyun, do and chanyeol. Losing the 3 will surely make exo disband.

From fx it will be fx krystal, since losing sulli, fx already lost one of its visual and one popular member. If they lost krystal (the most popular member in fx, with victoria) then we need to say goodbye to fx.

From mamamoo it would be solar... her popularity compare to the other members is just different. She also hold significant role in the group by being the leader, unofficial visual, the face and vocal line.

From blackpink it could be lisa and jisoo, losing this both will make blackpink return to their dungeon. 

From gfriend I will choose sinb, yuju and yerin. But let me pick yuju as the one who take the most important position in gfriend.

2ne1, losing either park bom or cl. Well they have disbanded... so? I think it isn't because of minji departure since we can see that they will be fine to release a song with the remaining 3 members (look at their last goodbye song) We know cl is already too focused on her hollywood career and with park bom marijuana scandal, well... 

In shinee, it needs 2 of them... any members will do. (Since all the members equally talented in their own role) for e,g the combinations between shinee taemin and joghyun will surely Effect shinee, but they can still continue like what tvxq or dbsk did before.

From super junior, it need 4 of them. Since we rarely get choi siwon, we can see him already detaches from the group. But if super junior lost 4 members (eunhyuk, donghae, kyuhyun and leeteuk), this group is gone.

From winner, losing the leader kang seungyeon or any member of winner will make them return to their dungeon.

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