5 Times when top actors and idols fell because of sex scandal

February 24, 2017

People said that even the greatest man can fall victim by the beauty of woman, the sin of lust. It seems this was true for this actors and idols. To be public figure in south korea is really hard since you mustn't show any flaws. This public figures has ruin their career and fame because of woman. Not to blame all into the woman, but it's the man fault to let it happened to their lifes too. Who is right or wrong is not longer important since their name is already flakes. Let's talk about this 5 bad boys who has done some bad mistakes and has gone clean by paying some fine for their wrong doing.

 1. Ss501 kim hyunjoong
It's just need one bad break up with his girlfriend for his career to end. He used to be in the top of his career, being one of the most wanted actors in korea entertainment and claimed as prince on a white horse with angelic smile. Now, his good reputation is already vanished. Being accused as an assault, rapist and some man who killed his own child by his ex girlfriend, make him went to army to ease the scandal. Some of the charges proven guilty, but some isn't. He has paid some "big fee" to his ex girlfriend. This long overdue drama is still ongoing.
2. Uhm tae wong
Actor uhm tae wong who acquitted of rape and was charged with prostitution, is also suffering from a rumor of a video that supposedly exists. He was being blackmailed by some parties because of what he done wrong. Even with a lovely wife and 2 daughter, it doesn't satisfy his sex desire. Public of south korea is surprised by this scandal since uhm tae wong always has good reputation before.
 3. Kwon sangwoo
Married with a beautiful wife and daughter doesn't change his poor decision. Kwon sang woo who was a top actors and influential figure in the industry can dodge several criminal charges and affair rumor with his money. He used to drunk driving and create some car incident, resulting one man killed. He settle with the deceased family by paying a huge alimony. He also has several affairs rumor with actress kang yebin, although being a Married man. It seems his kind image that he crate by his acting is just a fake image.

4. Jyj micky yoochun
His reputation tarnished because of his sex scandal, visiting sex-parlor or club regularly. Although being accused as a rapist by several prostitutes or women he has sex with, it was proven unguilty. Yet he is blackmailed by several parties and his image is ruin already. Now he is in military try to redeem himself.

5. Park shi shoo
The popular actor who reach the top of his career by starring in several high rating drama, destroyed his own career with a single mistake. Park shi hoo get fooled by several parties who plan to make him a rapist and try to blackmailed him for a huge amout of money. It seems park shi hoo sex life that is too free was used against him. He is drunk when he sex with some rookie actress or female idol. The girl and her friends accused him for rape and give a lot of proof (of their sexual intercouse) to the  police. The investigation continue and it is proven that this party try to blackmailed him for the sex. Yet, his reputation is already vanish, and now he try to come back to movie/drama industry after 2 years.

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