[PART 1] When "Blind items" became real in K-entertainment

December 10, 2016

This blinds item mention about popular idol groups such as EXO, SNSD, MissA, Secret and BEAST. Sometimes, gossips or rumors can turn into a fact and become real. It's fun to hear more rumors and take it with grain of salt. There is no fire without smoke, remember? Here is some blind items or rumors that become real, including:

1. Hyoyeon from SNSD was dating young business man.
Between June 2013, there are few rumors floating around whether this female idol from top nation girl group, SNSD, is actually has a boyfriend. Having a lover could become scandal in Korean entertainment, thus many prefer to be secretive about it. So, How the rumor started? First, during SNSD's Japanese broadcast, Hyoyeon's smartphone lit up with the 'Between' app alarm sound which is exclusively for couples. Fans also found a photos of Hyoyeon in Kim Jun Hyung's instagram (The alleged boyfriend). @jay_j_kim

So who is Kim Jun Hyung? Born in 1980, he graduated summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts and received a total of 11 scholarships. He interned at the Dana-Farver/Harvard Medical Center and is currently working at the Samsung Medium Solution Center as a part of their media service group, overseeing the production of mobile apps, books, music, and movie content. SM entertainment denied this rumor, and claimed that both is just a close friend. Well, just like any other idol couple, they broke up early 2014.

2. Hyunseung from BEAST departure from the group
With contract renewal ahead, idol group G is in danger. Member H is being obvious with his own path and insiders say it'll be hard to maintain the group with its original members. H is not talented, but he has severe prince disease and thinks he's the most popular man in Korea. He tells the members, "I'm not at the level to be with you guys." and voluntarily became an outcast in his group. H's looks and talent aren't as good as other members, so his members also don't have a reason to promote with him anymore. Even if the group G renews their contracts, it's likely that H will be absent.

It seems after time passes, we know that Hyunseung Left beast and also cube to pursue solo career. Although BEAST members left the agency (Cube entertainment) afterward, they don't seem would re-debut together with Hyunseung. 

3. MissA Disbandment rumors that becomes true, while Jia and Fei left JYP agency.
Girl group Z whose member A's rise in popularity has caused the rest of the members to have no schedules aside from official promotions. A has long since stopped being friends with her group mates and reps say that their relationship is beyond the point of repair. One rep said, "As for group Z, A will shoot her album jacket picture separately from the rest of the members and photoshop her in. Z's promotions are difficult because of that.

Blind item of girl group with bad relationship & soon disbandment. A popular girl group has always had rumors of bad relationship since debut. There's actually massive bullying going on in the group. Member A is the group's center for her good skinny body and fancy looks. Other members were jealous and started to be stressed. Member B, who has neither good looks or singing talent, started the bullying. But despite their bullying, A showed potentials in acting and the members' dissatisfaction reached the peak. The members went to their CEO and strongly told him to stop promoting A. A found out about it and gathered the members. She asked them, "will you be happy if I leave?"and considered retiring seriously. (A is Suzy)

But even though the talk was meant to talk out their feelings, their conflict did not resolve. This girl group is currently focusing on their individuals promotions only. Insiders say the girl group will disband soon. Well it's indeed becomes true! Although rumors have surfaced on several online communities claiming that Suzy, will be departed from MissA and leave the agency, we know now that who is actually stay under JYP entertainment.

4. Conflict between members, it's all fake and they're friend only for business purpose.
Fortunately for C, just because they're not close doesn't mean there's discord. The members all agree that it's important that they maintain their group. They voluntarily call themselves 'business partners' and recognize that they need each other for business purposes. C's rep said, "Not all co-workers can be close for simply working together. You're also not going to quit just because you don't have any close co-workers. Idol groups are the same in that even if they're not close, they work towards the same goal and smile for their fans because of that. 
People claimed that it's EXO, we know that they have lost several members (Tao, Luhan, Kris) and TAO has ranted before and expose about friendship among members on his instagram @hztttao

5. Secret dispute between members. Sunhwa allegedly has hate relationship with Hana and some actress disease.
Popular girlgroup member Ms. A recently declared to her company, "I won't sing anymore." After doing acting and variety for quite a while, she now thinking that she's no longer an idol singer but actress. "I am not idol singer anymore but an actress. To protect the pride of an actress, I am not going to sing again," she emphasized. That's why her fellow group members now is in mental breakdown situation over Ms. A's announcement. (A is allegedly as Sunhwa)

also, we must put this into account:
On June 2, Sunhwa got heads turning when she posted on Twitter in response to Hana's recent remarks on Mnet's 'Yaman TV,' including a screenshot.  She wrote, "Three years ago, there were one or two times the members went drinking because of the atmosphere between members, but I guess the words I said at the time, when I was upset about my image as a pretty airhead, was told [by Hana on the show] as 'having a lot of dissatisfactions with the world.'" She followed this up with a correction: "Just once we drank," to say it wasn't one or two times like she said in her previous tweet, but just once. It appears she was not pleased with Hana's comment on 'Yaman TV.'  Hana talked about her members' drinking habits on the show and said, "When Sunhwa is drunk, she has a lot of dissatisfactions with the world.  She grumbles and grumbles. As Sunhwa's SNS comments became a hot controversy on-line, she even posted additional words on the fancafe to show her stance on the situation.  The additional words, which have since been deleted, seem to actually amplify rather than pacify the situation.
We know that Zinger, the leader of Secret has tried to bring back this group together, being the middle girl, but I think it's all in faint now. All we know now that Sunhwa left the group as well as TS entertainment agency on September 26th 2016. SECRET will be continuing on as a trio with the remaining members, Jeon HyoSung, Song JiEun and Jung HaNa.

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