Who is Punch (펀치)? Singer behind great OST of drama including goblin, pinnochio and scarlet heart

December 10, 2016

Are you a kpop addict? If so, I think you would listen to one of her songs. This rookie singer is behind several marvelous ost of popular drama, such as Goblin, Pinocchio and Scarlet Heart. You might not gonna find a lot of information about this singer on google, thus we only know that she is a good singer with nickname as Punch (펀치) and has sung several top-charted ost.
Some of her works are:
1. Stay with me - Goblin ost feat EXO Chanyeol
2. Everytime l - Descendant of the sun ost feat EXO Chen 
3. Fly with the wind - Who Are You School ost feat Baejigi 
4. First love - Pinnochio ost feat. Punch, Bizzy
5. Say yes - Scarlet hearts Ryeo ost feat Loco
6. Sleepless night - It's okay it's love ost feat Crush
7. How are you - Cheese in the trap ost feat Yoonmirae
8. Drink with me now - feat Kim Bo Kyung
9. Sick 아프다니까 - feat The one

Phew what a great list of song! You might want to download all the songs above and put into your playlist. Her soothing, refreshing and magical voice, distinguish her from other female singer. Her voice is really suitable accompanied with male husky voice.
You can see how she looks like with this video:
Bae Jin-yeong (born February 19, 1993), better known by her stage name Punch, is a multi-player female solo singer who has perfect rap and vocals in Korea. This awesome singer is under Nyam Nyam entertainment agency / 냠냠엔터테인먼트 (please don't mistook it with 1punch, whom is a rapper). Representative: Song Dong Woon. Business Contact: 02) 512-4792.

She has been highly praised by many record producers and songwriters and have participated in featuring for many ost. She is listed on this Daum artist site as Punch, is born in Korea and debuted as singer on January 2014. You might want to check it on NAVER MUSIC too. Let's hope we will get more great works from this singer in the future!

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  1. i saw a profile of her in Wikipedia ^__^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punch_(singer)



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