This blind items mention 2NE1, AOA Seolhyun, fx, EXO, Yewon, Zico and more. It's fun to hear more rumors and take it with grain of salt. There is no fire without smoke, remember? You might put in mind that some of blind items has given false/misleading information to make it more vague and click-bait title such as "Top Star", "Top actor", etc. It's blind item because it's without names and we can't be sure enough until it's proven.Without further ado, here is some blind items or rumors that become real, including:

1. Lee Tae Im vs Yewon cursing incident 
The controversial video between A and B in Jeju Island was recently leaked. A surprising part about this leak was that it was planned out to the T from C broadcast station for the purpose of noise marketing. However, the show in question is over and the virtual marriage program that was the point of the marketing is hitting rock bottom in viewer ratings.

What actually happened: We know that they actually fought and we can search Footage containing the argument between Lee Tae Im and Yewon on internet. For recap, it was previously reported that Lee Tae Im had cursed and yelled at Yewon for apparently no reason on the set. Lee Tae Im insisted that she had heard Yewon speaking informally to her and this triggered her suppressed frustrations and anger revolving around the filming as well as her other issues going on in her life to explode. However, Yewon's side denied that Yewon spoke informally to the actress, saying that Yewon had only asked if Lee Tae Im was cold, and never used the informal speech.The leaked footage, however, portrays a different situation taking place compared to what Star Empire had said.
2. 2NE1 disbandment and one member feels mistreated by the agency.
The company screwed me!” There is no end to girlgroup member Ms. B's complains. Ms. B has wealth and honor as a member of girlgroup. Recently she blamed the company because there's no clear/definite schedules for her. To her company, "Even if I don't promote with this girl group, I'm a person who can be in Hollywood right now (it's a falsified to hint CL). I sacrificed many things for this group, but what the hell with this situation?" Ms. B expressed her frustration. One insider who heard this issue commented, "I can't understand how many times I think about it. The fact that she's a member of this girlgroup will bring her a lot of virtues so I feel her decision is quite a pity. This group seems going to loose one member from Ms. B withdrawal.

What actually happened: Minzy left 2ne1 after her contract expired and pursue another agency. 2ne1 to continue with 3 members without any addition and OFFICIAL SCHEDULE. After 10 months we know that YG entertainment announce that 2ne1 disbandment.... Finally, I know it's coming for several years ago. Only Sandara Park and CL re-signed under YG. While Park bom has disappeared since her drugs scandal.

3. Love in the air, f(x) Krystal and EXO Kai are dating.
 Kai has a veterinary that lives in Cheongdam who takes care of his cat the cat's name is "Moss". Krystal's role model couple is Johnny Depp and Kate "Moss" It must not be a coincidence that he chose the name "Moss" which is such an uncommon name. Kai's veterinary lives in Cheongdam, which also happens to be the place where Krystal lives. People witnessed Kai and Krystal going out of the veterinary together. I think they're taking care of the cat together
witness1: hul.. the hospital where my friend words at just saw Jongin going in crazy;;crazy;;crazy;;; I must wake up, he let his cat and left. I bumped into Krystal too.
witness2: "wow.. he's freaking skinny, I saw him closely on 2nd floor and it was EXO Kai? That personㅋㅋ Wow as expected EXO are celebrities. I went to Groso Como(?) on the first floor and guess who I see when I opened the doorㅋㅋㅋ daebak it was Fx Krystal ㅋㅋ It's quite fascinatingㅋㅋ"

What actually happened: Well, SM confirmed this, seems this comment can sum it up:
1. [+657, -35] Several days ago, there were posts on Pann that said they were dating and there were proofs of their matching items. Fans commented and said it's a reach ㅋㅋㅋㅋ When there's a post like that, be prepared instead of being in denial...

4. Another love in the air that gone now, Block B Zico and AOA Seolhyun is dating. 
A Pann post was posted on May 14, 2016 which talked about Seolhyun and Zico's relationship. A Facebook user linked an unconfirmed article of their relationship and said, "Young stans of Zico better shut the hell up~ ^^ They're asking for an evidence ㅋㅋㅋ Ugh, fucking idiots. You'll soon see pictures of them leaving a house together. I saw them already~"

What actually happened: Both Zico and Seolhyun was dating each other, before they broke up several months after. Well we know that it won't long last when some top comment of netizen is like this: "When Suzy was doing a photo shoot in London, Lee Minho was in Paris but he still flew to London to have a date. Their first articles were Lee Minho picking her up, taking out coffee for her, and was treating Suzy like a princess. On the other hand, Seolhyun looks pitiful, although we don't know the context. Zico wasn't even promoting at that time but he still made his girlfriend take a taxi to see him."

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