15 Breaking Couple that outed by dispatch

December 31, 2016

This is first day of the new year, and all korean entertainment fans would know that there is one media/source whom like to reveal kpop idols or actors/actress dating scandal, yes it's no other than dispatch. Let's take a look list of couple who have been outed by dispatch:

1. Shin min ah and kim woo bin
2. Exo kai and fx krystal
3. Exid hani and jyj junsu
4. Snsd taeyeon and exo baekhyun
5. Miss a suzy and lee minho
6. Block b zico and aoa seolhyun
7. Rain bi and kim tae hee
8. G dragon and kiko
9. Choi za and fx sulli
10. Snsd yuri and some baseball athlete
11. Lee jungjae and lim syerung
12. Kara hara and beast junhyung
13. Snsd yoona and lee seunggi
14. Lee da he and se7en
15. Hyunbin and kang sora

Thus below is list of couple that dispatch want to reveal but failed or get denied: (they have been followed, taken couple of paparazzi photos by dispatch but get denied as merely friendship or notthing happened)
1. Lee jongsuk and park shin hye
2. Exo kai and shinee tae min
3. 2pm taecyeon and snsd jessica
4. Super junior donghae and eunhyuk
5. Snsd seohyun
6. Tvxq

So, which couple that dispatch will reveal this year 2017?

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