How to save your money in Universal Japan

December 29, 2016

If you're like me, who isn't planning to go for the thrill ride in Universal Japan, (backdrop ride, flying dinosaur, Hollywood dream, etc) which will gonna make you wait in line for minutes or even hours, then you can consider to buy this discounted pass.

The only requirement is that you can only buy this pass after 3.00 PM or 15.00. The name of this pass is different depends on the season.

Type of Twilight Pass:
Spring > Spring Twilight Pass
Summer > Summer Twilight Pass
Autumn > Halloween Twilight Pass
Winter > Christmas Twilight Pass

 The price is 5600 yen for adults (compared to 7,200 yen for an ordinary Studio Pass), and 4,200 yen for children (compared to 4,900 yen for an ordinary Studio Pass).

This ticket is now on sale at Universal Studios Japan Ticket Booths.

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