Singapore, a short gate away in one day


Singapore is small country, with advanced ant integrated transportation available across the city, it's not hard to go around Singapore. Some of popular areas in Singapore are Arab Street, Indian town, China Town, Orchard road, Marina Bay, Garden by the bay, Clarke Quay, Sentosa Island, National Garden and more.

If you like some kind of nightlife, finding a nice pub or bar isn't hard in Clarke Quay. It's start at night from 6.00pm until midnight. The ambiance is nice with live music. Almost everyday is crowded here. Expect to spend more money if you want to dining in this area. When I was strolling around, I meet a lot of foreign here, from Korean, Japanese, western / white people and black people. Many local wore trendy attire, while the girls wore make up and dress a cute / sexy outfit. Nearby, there is a mall (I forgot the name) just across the river.

If you are unoccupied in the daylight, you can go shopping to China town. Beware of hot weather, bring your umbrella if it's needed. Put you sunscreen with UV protection for your skin. In China town you can find many chinese authentic dish restaurant and street vendors. You can bargain although there is a price tag hang in the store if you buy things in a bulk. I found that the storekeeper is nice there and very welcoming. Nearby there is Indian street, offer you many Indian food and selling a lot of carpet.

Just a little outside from Singapore you can go to Sentosa Island. There are 4 alternatives:
1. On foot
The cheapest one would be by walking. From VivoCity Shopping Mall, walk across the Sentosa Boardwalk, an attraction in its own right with five tropical garden themes and several lookout points for taking in the views. If you’re feeling lazy, you can opt to ride the moving sidewalks.

2. By Cable Car
Probably the most fun way to get to Sentosa Island is by cable car. You can catch the cable car from the Harbourfront MRT station, and you’ll get dropped off at Imbiah Lookout. With 360-degree windows, the cable car offers bird’s eye views of not only Sentosa, but of the harbor and panoramic views of the Singapore skyline. It will cost you around $29 (price of 2015) for adult, and $ 18 for children.

3. Sentosa Express
The quickest, most no-frills way to reach Sentosa Island is on the Sentosa Express, especially if you’re already riding the MRT to Harbourfront anyway. From the Harbourfront MRT station, you can transfer to the Sentosa Express on the third floor of VivoCity, though you’ll have to pay an additional fare about $4 (return, price of 2015)

4. By Taxi
While it’s really not worth it to take a taxi to Sentosa, given all the other efficient public transportation options, it is possible. Be aware that you’ll have to pay a vehicle fee to enter the island and a taxi surcharge on the way out.
Many attractions are located inside Sentosa island, from the popular Universal studio, the casino, beaches, attraction and more. Divided into 4 category: Imbiah lookout, beach, point  siloso and resort world sentosa.
Imbiah Lookout
11 attractions, 1 location. Situated near Mount Imbiah on Sentosa, Imbiah Lookout is the latest cluster of new and exciting attractions that will appeal to all. Adventure-seeker, nature lover or history buff, there's always something fun and exhilarating for you!
Take your beachfront lifestyle to new heights with Sentosa's beach attractions! Ride roaring waves, master different watersports, be mesmerized by fireworks, lights and water displays, get up-close with friendly animals, or simply stroll along in search of solitude. You'll find it all on Sentosa's 3.2km stretch of sandy white shores.

Siloso Point
At Siloso Point, you can literally walk through historical forts and dive into incredible underwater experiences. Siloso Point is home to many edutainment attractions that promise to impart knowledge in a fun and engaging way!

Resorts World Sentosa
Resorts World® Sentosa offers a whole new world of truly rewarding experiences. Worlds apart from anything you’ve ever known yet familiarly Asian at heart, Resorts World Sentosa is the ideal resort destination where everyone can come together for moving experiences and lasting memories.

Till the next trip!

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