[Breaking] 2pm jun. k experience stage malfunction


The main vocalist of popular group 2pm from jyp entertainment, rush to hospital after fell from moving stage. It was a 3m height when jun k lost his balance and fell from a moving trolley on day 3 of 2pm 6 night concert at seoul olympic park handball gymnasium. The remaining concert is cancelled after the incident, and all members of 2pm apologized to their fans.


Many fans of 2pm is worried about jun k condition after the fell since all the live streaming and  concert was put on a halt after the incident. Jyp as their agency report the latest news for 2 pm jun k condition, released statement: This is JYP Entertainment. Jun.K was immediately transferred to the hospital and received a thorough examination. The examination results showed that he has suffered from fractures in his right elbow and also in the 4th finger on his right hand. He will undergo the appropriate medical treatment and is now resting and being observed from the staff members. We sincerely apologize for not guaranteeing the safety of our artist and  we apologize to our artist and all the fans. We will give an update on his health in the near future."

Hope 2pm jun k can recover soon and get back to the stage again!

2PM member Jun.K (Kim Minjun, 29) fell off from a moving stage of 3m high during a concert. It is known that Mr Kim has minor injuries fans in their teens and 20s are in greatly shock after witnessing the accident with their own eyes.

According to Fire Services Mr Kim had his accident during a concert at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul around 5.10pm on the 26th. At the time Mr Kim was interacting with the audience and singing at the top of the moving stage of 3m with the other five members. They were standing on two platforms that were joined together when Mr Kim fell through the middle as the two platforms moved apart, told the serviceman that was at the scene. Mr Kim was sent to hospital immediately as he suffered in pain and is currently being checked up in detail. 

This staging is manually controlled. Audience have told the social medias that "Mr Kim fell because the staff did not check the singer's movements before moving the stages. but further investigation is needed. Following the accident the concert organisers stopped the concert and revealed that they will later notify of refunds. The rest of the 2PM members appeared on stage made an apology for "stopping the concert due to the accident".

One fan that was at the scene told the social medias that "the organisers asked us not to tell the general public about this accident" and that "it is disappointing to see the organising taking so little care in the protection of the artists and the safety management of the stages".

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