Some Juicy gossip or scandal from Korea celebrities you should know

February 28, 2017

Gossips or rumors is always fun to talk about. Some Juicy gossip or scandal from Korea idols/actors/actress you should know is as follow:

1. Actress Han Hyo joo not so good family members
Her younger brother bullied a soldier to the point of suicide. Han Hyo Joo family attempted to compensate the soldier's family for $6,000~ USD while the army tried to write off his death as having suffered from psychological illnesses. There are a few people asking why Han Hyo Joo should take the blame for her younger brother.... but while her brother committed such a crime, Han Hyo Joo promoted to the army to help her father to cover this issues as a veteran commander himself. Her agency erased all traces of any news articles related to it and fellow Korea University students of the soldier who commit suicide had to take to the streets and put up fliers only to be silenced once again.
Han Hyo Joo's younger brother is speculated of assaulting and bullying a Private Kim during his military service back in July 2013. Han hyo joo is currently unable to continue with their advertising activities due to their negative, public image.

2. Actress Han Hyo Joo not so good manager
Another case comes from Han Hyo joo again, Actress Han Hyo Joo’s former manager was arrested under the charges of blackmailing the actress and her family with their private photos. According to the prosecution, the father sent 10,000,000 won for the original photos with the promise to send the rest of the money. The prosecutors then traced the call and caught up with the criminals, arresting them on November 7, Kpopinsider. BH Entertainment released an official statement saying, “Han Hyo Joo’s father went straight to Han Hyo Joo to check and she said that she has never done anything that could cause a problem."Realizing that this was such a simple blackmail using Han Hyo Joo’s fame as an excuse, the family decided it must be firmly take care of and reported the blackmail to the police immediately.”

3. Actor Park Hae jin not so good past behavior
Actor Park Hae Jin is being questioned again by Korean netizens for his rumored pre-debut career at a host bar (a place where drinks and entertainment is sold to mostly middle-aged women; sexual favors can be a part of the transaction).  Back in 2010, the media reported that a famous actor was discovered to have used fake schizophrenia diagnosis to evade military duty. This information, confirmed by the police, had been discovered while the authorities were investigating host bar employees who had used various mental illness diagnosis to avoid military service. At the time, the police announced that although some evidence against the actor existed, due to the statute of limitations expiring, they could not investigate the actor any further. Following are the screen shots of the articles about the military evasion, host bar, and Park back in 2010. To tackle the rumor about the host bar, his agency at the time came out to admit that the actor had a history of mental illness, but that he was not schizophrenic, and only suffered from depression. The agency also adamantly denied the host bar rumor. 

Before, he is also involved in another controversies about how he degraded a woman with sexist comment. Saying that he hates fat woman and doesn't think woman who are fat as a woman, only look woman from her outer appearance, thus he acknowledge fx Krystal natural beauty as his ideal woman.

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