Simple way and tips to organize your life or mind

January 05, 2017

Utilizing your mind and focus on what matters can bring you better luck to get success. There is 3 easy way to organize your thought, since it's the beginning of year, why would you not stop for minutes and think, what you want do, what you can do and what you should do in 2017?

There is difference between that 3 things. First, you should think what you want to do now or this year to happened. You don't need to be rational about it. Just focus on what you really want right now that it will make you or people matter to you happy. Maybe it's a simple thing like you want to rest right now.... since you're tired... or it could be that you want to visit new country far away your hometown with your lover. Maybe you always want to be able to speak Chinese or another language and buy new car. It could even be silly things like "I want to be able to fly~" Try to write it on paper at least 20 of them.

By now, you have your own list about what you want to do this year. Next, try to think what you can do. Maybe you are an office worker, who can save $200 every month or even $1000. Let's see, if you have spare time and can take a language class or some yoga class, try to write it as well. If you're a great cook. you can put your skill on the list.

Last step, and it's most important thing that will decide your overall growth, "What you should do". It could be like you should buy a car since you have own a family right now and take public transportation has been inconvenience for your lil kids. Or you need to have girlfriend/boyfriend since you're old enough to be married. 

After you finish to write all the three things, read it again. You might find some connection, try to connect the dots. It will help you to realize your plan. For example, on the things you want, you write: "I want to buy a new car". On the things you should do, you write: "I need to have a car for my little kid". It means that getting a new car is important for you right now.  There is one thing that you should figure it out, what you can do to make it happened. Maybe on the column of what you can do, you have written: "I can save $300 every month", basic mathematics is needed, try to calculate how long you need to save to get your new car. Maybe you can get another job or freelance work to make it happened faster.

Meanwhile, you can start to get fit, take a healthy diet and do some physical activity.

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