When you feel empty and uninterested about life

January 03, 2017

Social media and neuroscience has provided a lot of data about this human craving we have to be seen and affirmed. Try the following three steps to move anything forward and spice your life back:

1) Make a Bucket List
Everyone have a wish or dream they want to achieve. Don't be shame and hide it, having a list with things you want to achieve adds tremendous value to your life. You are continuously looking for opportunities to achieve your goals. Print it out and hang it up somewhere you can see it daily.

2) Travel
When you feel bored, it's often because you're in stale position. Try to change your surrounding by travelling to foreign places/countries. If you are thinking about something you want, go get it. It is as simple as that. If you want more meaning in your life you will have to be courageous enough to take action. That’s where most people fail. Courage.

3) Express/Create
With busy schedule and tight society, we seldom try to express our feeling in more free way. Express you deepest feelings in music and arts. Make something in which you can empty you head and your heart. Do anything that makes you able to express how you feel. This way you can become more centered and grounded. You become more in touch with who you really are.

4) Connect
Even an introvert who like solitude doesn't want to be leave behind or being alone 24/7. Human beings are social creatures and need interaction and contact with others for mental survival. Use empathy and understanding, give service to others.

5) Break the Pattern
Many tasks we do become routine after a while and we just turn off our mind. We become stuck in a pattern we repeat day after day. If you want to live more meaningful it is essential to break this.

Above all that, sometimes you just need to take a break and get some quality sleep.

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