20 Things that you might not know about MAMAMOO

January 21, 2017

Mamamoo (Hangul: 마마무) is a South Korean girl group formed by Rainbow Bridge World (formerly WA Entertainment) in 2014. Their debut "Mr. Ambiguous" was considered by some critics as one of the best K-pop debuts of 2014. They are recognized for their retro, jazz, and R&B concepts and strong vocal performances.

Some fun interesnting things you might not know about mamamoo are:

  1. Mamamoo's group name could have been Orange, 160 (because of their height) or Bellybutton. 
  2. Before debut, Moonbyul, Solar and Hwasa rent a rooftop house together, while Wheein lived with her auntie.
  3. Ahn Hyejin almost use Petzi (a character from Korea's Children story) as her stage name, before changed it to Hwasa
  4. Wheein and Moonbyul are the two members who seem to have the most history of training elsewhere. Wheein was a CCM (T-ara) trainee, Moonbyul was a DBusiness (D-Unit) trainee, also was a Dream Tea (Girls Day trainee). Apparently there was one company that almost debuted Wheein and Moonbyul in the same group and choose Moonbyul as the leader.
  5. When Moonbyul was a trainee in dbusiness, she almost debuted in 4 member rapper group called d-unit, but turned down because of her weight. Since then, she take some diet and lost her weight drastically till now.
  6. Solar is planning to be a stewardess, obeying her parents wish. She take several auditions (40) but failed, before RBW scouted her in some singing audition. Solar really like elephant, so her fans often give her a doll shaped elephant.
  7. Wheein was raised by her grandmother (mother side) when she was young. At age 17, her grandmother diagnosed with cancer, and few months after, she died. Wheein regret asking her grandma to buy her honey snack and whining back then, not knowing that she was sick. Since then she hasn't eaten the honey snack again. 
  8. Wheein used to contemplating between being a painter or singer, since she like both. She figured that it's better to do something she is good at (Singing), since there is a lot of people who can draw better than her.
  9. Solar (Kim yong sun) has one older sister. Moonbyul is the oldest, and has 2 younger sisters (Seulgi 1996, Yesol 2004). Wheein is the only child.
  10. On the day when Moonbyul was born, her father saw that the night sky was especially bright with many stars, and decided to name his first daughter Byul-ie (Star). 
  11. Unlike Solar, Moonbyul began preparing to become a singer at an earlier age (however her childhood dream was to be a police officer). She entered SM Academy, and was influenced by TVXQ.
  12. Solar is a member who advise moonbyul to pursue rapping.
  13. Moonbyul stated that she prefers female fans over male fans because she can relate to them more. 
  14. Moonbyul’s favorite number is 2 because her birth date is 19921222. Whenever she is asked to choose a number for a raffle she has selected the number 22
  15. Wheein’s mother, who graduated from an arts college, influenced young Wheein to become interested in the arts. 
  16. Wheein met Hwasa in middle school.Every time they have empty schedule, Wheein and Hwasa visits the town where they grew up together (Jeonju).
  17. Solar stage name “Solar” is a combination of two meanings. 1) Solar is in charge of the high notes/harmonies in the group: thus do-re-mi-fa-SO-LA(r). 2) The last character of Solar’s birth name, 김용”선”, resembles the English word “sun”.
  18. Solar used to like to watch gore movies, but get weak when she gets older. She often said that she has dark time when she was young. 
  19. Moonbyul and solar isn't in good terms when they first met. But since they have same appetite, they got closer.
  20. Mamamoo's fandom name is moomoo which mean radish in Korean. 

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  1. Btw for no. 9 uhm hyejin has 2 older sisters and not 1 younger sister. Thanks!!



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