6 Classic songs of kpop you might heard but never notice before

January 22, 2017

When you follow korean entertainment, more likely you will listen the songs list below. It's often used as background or effect in variety show, and many idols kinda sing  as a joke or cover it. For example, when idols member encourages other to kiss (dududu bgm), when some male idol said his ideal type (starlight is falling), and many more. Check it out!
Tears by chan wee
Yiruma - kiss the rain
A classic piano song, often used as bgm or sfx
Second moon - blue breeze blow
Lalalala song that often sing to describe a beautiful /good mood

Bye bye sea - the starlight is falling
Often describe a moment of falling in love

Cranberries - ode to my family
Although it isn't kpop song, but many idols sing it or use in any variety show as a moement when love is growing.

TVXQ - Balloons
If you like sm town, you must heard this song sang at sm town concert by all sm artists.

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