TOP 2016 Kpop Song, that you might not heard yet


2016 will be coming to an end soon. Looking back from the beginning, there is a lot of new KPOP songs dropped this year as well. There is so many songs topped the chart beside all the popular girl/boy groups. Although I won't say that any pop song produced and sang by idol groups isn't good or enjoyable to listen, sometimes I prefer more pleasing to the ears song and what not... the idols b-side track than their title track. This is personal preference, nothing else. Check out my top Kpop song of 2016 on the list below: (without any order)
1. Basick feat G2 and Hwasa - Nice
2. Punch (펀치) feat chanyeol - Stay with me, Punch feat chen - Everytime I
3. Mamamoo - I miss you, decalcomanie
4. Seventeen - very nice
5. gfriend - Rough, SinB - Confession
6. Yoonmirae - Always I
7. Taeyeon - Rain, Why
8. Yu Seung woo feat Heize - Only U
9. Taemin - Press your number
10. IU (아이유) - Untitled Song
11. Suzy, Baekhyun - Dream
12. Zico - 너는 나 나는 너 (I Am You, You Are Me) 
13. IMGL - My World 
14. f(x) - All mine
15. Blackpink - Playing with Fire
16. Han dong geun - Making a new ending for this story
17. Kim Joong Kok - Fool, ost sweet stranger and me

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