The most shocking Korean blind item with subject of the assumption


Among other blind items which is going around recently, these are the most juicy rumor that I can think right now.  You might know some of them or really clueless about it. Check it out!
1. When fan fiction turn into reality. A real same-sex couple between members in same group.
An A-list idol group member 'A' is said to have fallen in love with none other than fellow member 'B'. They've apparently been dating for five years now and the scandal is expected to be huge especially considering that they're idol members from the same top level group. A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year but came to a compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles. A and B are still continuing their relationship.

A kpop idol recently confessed to his team members that he is a gay. He was worried if the members would be very surprised at the news, but they just took the news lightly. Actually, the members already knew he is a gay when they were trainees.

Assumption: Well, there is several hints about 5-7 members things and their debut date. Many people said that it's a boy group. This gay rumors has floating back several times, and people assume it's either U-Kiss, Infinte or BTS.

2. A sex addict from popular actor
Idol D has handsome looks and is quite popular. He gets a lot of love from his fans and recently starred in a drama and is succeeding. From outside, he doesn't seem to lack anything but if you hear the insights, he lacks a lot. D is infamous for liking girls. He likes having sex with non-celebrities he meets at clubs and room services. D prefers having one night-stands with non-celebrities than getting a girlfriend.

The women line up to spend some time with him but he has a weird obsession. He drugs his partner. The medicines he uses are a variety of kinds, including sleeping pills and stimulants. He uses many kinds of provocative medicines for many reasons. Because of this, the women who slept with D doesn't really remember their experiences. When his partner wakes up, D is already gone without any trait. He slept with hundreds(?) of non-celebrities like that but his sex life is still on going.

Assumption: JYJ's Yoo chun, well he is involved in sex assault scandal this year. Although the accusation proven not guilty (means it's mutual sex), but it shows that he like to have sex with several girls in the club as frequent customer.

3. Famous kpop male idol loves to hook up with teenage idols
A famous kpop male idol loves to hook up with teenage girls. Of course, he dated some teenage idol stars too and it seems that he is not interested in women in their twenties at all. When he is with a teenage idol, he usually calms her nerves with his humor and shows off his dominant position in kpop world to win her heart.
Assumption: There is a hint that he is popular in foreign countries and almost thirty. People said it's Super Junior Eunhyuk who has dating scandal with popular female singer IU, posting a photos of them laying on a bed.

4. A two faced stars in entertainment industry.
Actor A gets praise from everyone around him. In public spaces, he's always smiling and treats everyone with care and respect. Whenever he's spotted taking care of someone on broadcast, you can find hoards of comments of praise on the internet.

A's manager B, however, criticized him after he left the company. B called him cocky and fake and haughty around staff. He cleared his glass of soju by revealing that A's image on TV is fake, and one of the things he regrets most is going around to PDs or journalists to sing his praises.

The public ultimately wants a celebrity with the perfect image. A celebrity who can make you laugh when times are difficult, act as the boyfriend or girlfriend of your dreams, and be someone you can respect. The celebrity has to exist in your 7 inch smartphone or in your TV screen or on the big screen. Your favorite celebrity being 'hated' on is unacceptable. You don't care for who he 'really is'. You buy his CD without listening to it, you buy his movie tickets knowing that he can't act, you sit in front of the TV to watch his dramas to help his viewer ratings.

Agencies create these celebrities into what the public wants. That's how money is made. Whether these celebrities are inherently bad people, it doesn't matter as long as the public is fooled to liking them. They don't need to know how to act, they can get still earn popularity in other ways. If they can't sing, just create a character for them and stick them on variety shows. If they get into scandals, just wait for the public to forgive and move on. These celebrities have only one job, and it's to not betray the image the public has of them. Of course the entire industry isn't like this, but you can't deny that a portion of it is.

A is still considered the caring man in the industry. The TV shows always edit him to seem like a man anyone can like. Journalists praise him in their article titles. The public praises him back with comments of applause. A's new manager goes around praising him to every new staff member they meet.

Assumption: Since it's claim that A has "perfect nice figure", more like an angel. It's either Park Bo-gum, Seo Kang-joon or Park Hae-jin. Never judge a book by its cover. 

5. Sexual disease caught up between couple.
We received a tip that girl group member A and trending idol group member B were staying at a hotel in Tokyo together last year. All of the facts lined up to confirm it was them, from the times they met to the room number of the hotel they were staying at, and everything down to the color of their outfits. One thing that seemed out of line was that A's girl group was on a Japanese tour at the time. We wondered how she had time to go on dates when she was on the group's Japanese schedule while postponing CF filmings and pictorials in Korea. And just how did she distract the members long enough to go on dates when she must sleep, eat, and rehearse with them all day and night? What was her secret?

As it turned out, A would arrive in Japan earlier than the other members and rent an extra room at the same hotel. She'd then invite her boyfriend to stay there. After rehearsals would end, A would avoid the other members and visit the extra room to have dinner with her boyfriend, order in, and play computer/board games together. She'd then return to the group's room in the early morning and say she was "out exercising" when members asked where she was. But no one can cover their tracks up perfectly, and A's secretive activities were eventually caught. During a concert, A fainted on stage of abdominal pain and medical tests showed that she had caught an STD, causing the members and agency to flip out. A finished up her concert activities by taking meds and is still being treated for her STD.

Their relationship surfacing to the members and agency didn't stop them there, though. The two were often spotted in a club in Gangnam and shocked everyone with their show of PDA. They'd rent out a room for intimate times or even take over the stage to show off their dance moves. Once, A caught B surrounded by other women and had a public fight over it in front of the club. 

The two apparently met on a variety program last spring, and it wasn't love at first sight. They naturally got to know each other through time and discovered charms about each other off camera that eventually developed into feelings. B expressed his feelings first, hitting on A by visiting her home after the variety show ended and showing his various charms for over a month until he succeeded in catching her heart. When A wasn't so sure about dating B, a friend assured her with nothing but praise about B, saying he was innocent and loyal and that there was no woman who would reject him. He was, of course, every woman's romantic fantasy with his unique face, talent, and witty way with words. 

A herself is a 'top of the top' among idol stars. Known for her sexy body and innocent face, she has smooth charms that would attract any man. She recently started capturing the hearts of more men with her thinner body.  Six months into their relationship, they're still as strong as ever. They're the talk of all idol stars right now, with many wondering how A can put up with B's powerful sexual stamina.

Assumption: well, people assume it's ex After school member, Uee. Since it looks that she lost weight, maybe it's because of the disease?

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