The best Movie of 2016, you might not want to miss it!

December 11, 2016

It's nearly the end of 2016, thus I make this list under what I've watched this year. Everything is subjectively and based on my opinion. Let's check it out:
1.The superheroes movies with its humor, action packed, entertaining story line, professional crews and big budget production that guarantee you that it will become a good movie. (at least it won't bored you)
e.g: Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad, Captain America: Civil war, Dead Pool

2. Animation movies behind great studio like Pixar, Disney and Dream Work. What will go wrong?
e.g:  Zootopia, Moana, Trolls, Finding Dory, Kungfu Panda 3

3. Franchise movies of popular brand with it's great action and digital effect
e.g: Star Trek beyond,  Fantastic Beast: how to find them

4. Thriller movies for you who like some good tension
e.g: Train to Busan, Sully, The conjuring 2, Resident Evil: Final Chapter

5. Movies with its great humor
e.g: Ghostbusters, Zoolander, Sing

6. Show me the romance!
e.g: Lala Land, Me before you, Tarzan

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