Street food paradise in Bangkok, Top 11 Thai desserts or drinks you must try.

December 03, 2016

Bangkok is like my second home town. Since the first visit in year 2011 till now, somehow this city always makes me want to go back again. Maybe it's because of the addictive food with its unique flavor or the friendliness of Thai people toward tourists. You can wander the streets of Bangkok for weeks, pointing at every single meal that interest you. With a couple dozen baht, you can eat until your stomach burst, all without ever trying the same thing twice. One more important things is that you can find street vendor open at any hours from 5 AM - until midnight. Most of the meals will cost you only around 300-550 baht. 

This list below is just few things from so many other things that you can find in Thai street food:
1.Coconut ice cream, topped with peanut, coconut jelly, coconut meat (sometimes with chocolate sprinkles). It cost me around 100 baht. Where to find: around pratunam, chatuchak weekend market or food court in a mall.

2. Thai ice tea, it's refreshing and taste sweet. This tea contains evaporated milk. (if you have allergies of milk, don't drink this) Mostly, it costs around 50 baht.Where to find: any street vendor you can find in Bangkok
3. Mixed Thai ice cream roll, you can choose your own topping with wide variety of flavor. You can watch the street vendors make ice cream right before your eyes in just minutes over an ice-cold metal plate, which is usually frozen to about -25C.  They would pour milk onto a cold pan and smash the toppings that you choose into it as everything solidifies. Then they flatten the mixture and scrape them off the pan into rolls. Lastly they drizzle your choice of sauce on the rolls. It cost me about 100 baht. Where to find: around Pratunam
4. Mixed fresh juice. The agriculture in Thailand is highly competitive, diversified and specialized. You can find high quality of fruits with unreasonably cheap price in Thailand. Don't forget to buy some fresh juice to soothing yourself from the heat when strolling around the city. It costs around 40 baht. Where to find: any street vendor you can find in Bangkok
5. The popular mango sticky rice. This is one of traditional snack from Thailand. Sliced mango served on top of sticky rice with sweet-and-salty coconut cream and puffed rice crisps. The mango is so ripped and sweet, it taste different than any mango I've tastes in my country. The price is differ, maybe around 150 baht. Where to find: Pratunam or any food court in Bangkok.
6. Thai jelly, it taste sweet and looks cute. Cost about 35 baht. Where to find: floating market
7. Durian Bangkok, it tastes heaven for some, and hell for the other. Claimed as a king of fruit, this exotic fruit can only be found in Asia. It cost around 300 baht. Where to find: Or Tor Kor Market or around Pratunam.
9. Glutinous rice ball with ginger soup, it taste a little bit bitter for the first spoon, but leave a pleasure sweet taste after. If you're feeling unwell, you can eat this soup to make yourself feel better. Where to find: Bangkok china town, Yoawarat road. It costs 60 baht.
10. Thai coconut cake, or 'Khanom Krok'. This traditional cake made from coconut milk, will taste better when still warm. Where to find it: Asiatique, or any floating market.
11. Thai sweet crepes, or 'Khanom Buang'. It taste quite unique, crunchy and isn't as sweet as I thought it will be. Where to find it: any street vendor

Actually there is a lot of other things to try that I haven't mention above. I advise you to go to local floating market (not damnoen saduak, since it's too touristy)  in weekend to experience the best of Thai street food.

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