Singapore, from changi airport to garden by the bay and marina bay


Singapore is one of the world's most expensive country. One meal there will cost you about 5$ Singapore and more. Cost for hotel is higher than any other country in Asia. As the most developed country in Asia, Singapore has changed a lot in just a few years. There is a lot of new buildings (2015) and attraction if you compare from the couple years behind. Lets name a few; Universal Studio, Clarke Quay, Garden by the bay, National gallery Singapore, Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve expansion and many more.

Changi Airport, the biggest airport in Singapore often used as a transit, so many people who have a longer time transit, can go sightseeing outside the airport using MRT. Even if you're lazy to go out, Changi airport offer you a lot of entertainment inside. You can go shopping, strolling around from one terminal to anther terminal using some kind of train(?), playing video games, browse internet for free or sleeping in sleeping lounge. And if you are thirsty you can always fill up your empty bottle from a sink you can find almost in every corner of the airport. There is a sunflower garden, butterflies garden and koi lake for short refreshment inside Changi airport.

If you went to Singapore, I recommend you to go to Garden by the bay, it's a free attraction and no need ticket entrance if you aren't planning to go inside flower or cloud dome. Even if you don't buy the ticket to the dome, it's still a good place to relax and wasting your time in Singapore. It's divided into two area, bay south and bay east. It is designed as a series of large tropical leaf-shaped gardens, each with its own specific landscaping design, character and theme. 

After visiting Garden by the bay, you can make a visit to the casino inside Marina bay sands, located just beside this garden. There is all you can drink bar, contain soft drink, lemon tea, coffee and of course water bottles, it's all for free. You don't need to play, or pay an entrance ticket. But you will need to deposit all your bag and have a passport check / identity check. 

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