How to make Karaoke subtitle


As far as I know, there're 6 ways to make moving subtitle:
1. Using Karaoke Kit
2. Using VirtualDub's subtitler
3. Using Adobe After Effects & Photoshop
4. corel video
5. Using Kbuilder
6. The most common one, is using Aegisub

Karaoke effects is about showing off your skills, if you're just using someone else's effect you're missing the entire point of having an advanced effect. If you want to learn, there's several examples already included with Aegisub. It's rare for people to publish their effect scripts.

The other option is to use one of methods that don't involve direct scripting. You could for example use this or u can find it here: tutorial-1 or tutorial-2

And you'll find many good tips on making karaoke, here:Animesuki

Though if you insist on seeing some full-fledged complete scripts, here are some more example

I've tried using aegisub myself and other software video editing. I could say that aegisub is pretty easy to use and the least lagging time.

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