[HIGHLIGHT] BOLBBALGAN4 is coming back with summer feel and shorter name

June 09, 2018

It has been pass 2 years since their first breakthrough in kpop music industry. Bolbbalgan4 (read:Bolbalgan sachungi) who is well loved by korean people has make their comeback after 8 months, with double title tracks: travel, wind and starlight
Within this amazing two years, bolbbalgan4 has transformed themselves as certified digital monster who top digital ranking without much hinderance and with longevity. In this comeback, the duo has not only changing their music to more mature lyrics, but changing their hairstyle *or color? If we has accustomed by jiyoung’s blonde hair, maybe this new transformation will let you shock. Ahn jiyoung change her blonde hair to more darker color (forget the name, but she said that it isn’t black) with slightly hidden pink.

This album red diary page 2 consists of song:
1. Travel
2. Wind
3. Starlight
4. Clip
5. Hey teddy bear
6. Lonely

What is special from this album, is that 5 of 6 songs are written, sung and composed by our beloved jiyoung. And finally we have 1 official song from jiyoon, named “clip”.  Thus, with this new released, bolbbalgan4 has achieved 6 certified PAKs, and maybe more in the future. With a lot of bigger act like bts and wanna one who is also make a comeback... it might be hard for bolbbalgan4 to win music shows. Yet, fans might not really care for trophies that much because we like bolbbalgan4 because of their songs, not their award, right?

One more thing special for this comeback that we might see that their agency has looked to expand their wings, to reach out more international fans.... as simple as by changing their difficult to spell group name “bollbalgan4” to much shorter “Bol4”. Finally the agency realize that their name is just too hard to remember. It’s better late than nothing right? Surprisingly you won’t find any result if you search “Bollbalgan4” on many official youtube channel like shofar, dingo, and spotify.

So which do you prefer? Bolbbalgan4 or Bol4?

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