5 Best Korean Drama OST of ALL TIME (Before 2010)


Many Original soundtrack (OST), especially from popular drama has successfully stole people interest. Not surprising enough, with wonderful lyrics, great singer and our attachment with the story of actual drama, this song will still remain in our heart. Some of this wonderful OST are list below. If you haven't listened it, you might want to give it a try, since it's gold. Check it out!

1. OST Endless love (Autumn in my heart) - Reason
You will feel a lil bit sad listening this mellow melody and vocal full of emotion.
2. OST Princess Hours  - Perhaps love 
3. OST Full house - Sha lala
Special mention:

4. OST Stairway to heaven - Bo Go Ship Da (Miss you a lot)
5. OST Winter Sonata - From the beginning until now

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