[Review] Trying Japanese snack and drink


This is my review after I taste some of Japanese snack and drink, check it out! (Include pictures)
1. Sweet soda. It taste sweet with unique flavor (The green one) and refreshing. It's best to drink it cold. 
2. Amai nihon-su (Sweet Sake). It tastes a lil bit sweet with fruity kind of flavor and light taste. It's pretty cheap, one bottle only for 550 yen. 
3. Egg pudding. I tried several egg pudding from Japan. The price is around 200-300 yen each, depends on the brand. All the egg pudding is soft, creamy and not too sweet. But my favorite would be this pudding (the black one). This one tastes more creamy and nyummy! You should try Japanese pudding.
3. Chocolate and Vanilla milk. The vanila one taste just like ordinary milk, nothing special.  The chocolate has the right balance between the bitterness and sweet that chocolate should taste. Both is better if served cold and cost about 200 yen.
4. Coffee latte. This price around 200 yen. It tastes delicious, but nothing special. Although it's sugarless, it isn't that bitter. 
5. Water mochi. This taste quite unique, just like a jelly with plain taste without too many flavor. There is a sweet sauce (maybe brown melting sugar) and grounded peanut as toppings. I think kid will like it. 

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