Typical Couple in South Korea


Well, skinship  (or touch-feely, public display affection / PDA) in South korea is pretty visible. Not only for couples, but also for same gender. People in South Korea like to show their closeness with each other. Close friend can touch, hug and kiss the teammate without accused as gay/lesbian. Below is typical things that Korean couple do with their significant other, including:

1. Couple item
Korean couples like to show everyone around them who they are dating and there is no easier way to show this than the way you dress. Couples will wear the same t-shirt, same trousers, same shoes and even in some cases have the same hair style. By wearing the same outfits they believe that it shows that they are truly each others. Couple rings are also very common and don’t carry the same stigma that they carry in western countries. While in America or England if you give your girlfriend or boyfriend a ring it symbolizes marriage, Koreans wear couple rings just to show their commitment to each other.

2. PDA / Public display affection 
Public displays of affection in Korea isn’t as open as it may be in other parts of the world. Although the younger generation’s mentality is undergoing a change, many Koreans are still not open to kissing in public. Simple pecks might be tolerable to some, but most Koreans will refuse to be seen in public participating in one of those movie-style open mouth kisses. However, holding hands and linking arm is common.

3. Splitting the Bill
If you’re hanging out with Koreans, you might want to split the bill the Korean way. That’s when one person pays for the bill and another person will pay for the next round. Some contemporary Koreans prefer to split the bill evenly, and that’s cool if you’re friends and all. But if you’re dating in Korea, that’s kind of a big no. It's depend on the person though.

4. Carrying Bags
 When hanging out with girlfriends, many Korean men will offer to hold their girlfriend’s big bag full of mysteries to save aching shoulders around the peninsula. There are no fears of looking strange when holding a bag with pink and frills; in Korea, it’s common practice for men to hold the girliest of bags.

5. Curfews
Age and employment status can’t override the “as long as you’re living in this house” argument, and that can sometimes result in women in the prime of their dating lives with curfews before midnight.

6. Meeting Parents and Friends
Unfortunately its common for Koreans to lie to their parents about having a relationship and for good reason. Parents can easily deny and put a stop to a relationship by not allowing their child to leave the house and making it impossible for you to see them. Thus Koreans tend to lie about relationships to their parents while its in its early stages. Only after a certain amount of time will you ever be mentioned to their parents and that means they are truly serious about you.

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